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still NED three years post diagnosis for Stage III/IV hypopharyngeal

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Jim was scoped yesterday at his ENT's office.

Although there is still swelling and scarring, there is no evidence of active cancer.

This is a really good thing for this particularly nasty form of H&N.

Just wanted to share with and, hopefully, give some encouragement to others on this path.

Praising God for a good team of doctors.

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Congrats and enjoy this beautiful week-end...



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Wonderful news about Jim.  This has been a NED week to remember......gonna put it on my calendar.

Hugs to you two.....I know what a relief it is to hear those words.


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congrats on the ned!!  now you can celebrate.  it's always nice to let others know there is light aat the end of the tunnel.

God bless,


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Great news to hear.  A hard fought NED


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That is such great news for jim , you, your family, and all of us on this forum ! Also very encouraging for us newbies ! Thank you for posting ! Now you all can have a really Happy Easter !


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This has been a wonderful week for NEDS.  I'm so happy for you and Jim !  Again, I'm wishing NED forever and a day !  Hugs sent !   Katie   Wink

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