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Some good news for a change

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I've posted that my most recent scan found more areas of concern, which prompted a second neck dissection.  I had the surgery last week and the first piece of good news was that the immediate biopsy of the most troublesome node turned out to be negative, so they did not do the more invasive modified radical dissection.  They did remove a number nodes and scar tissue and sent that for testing as well.

I had my post op revisit yesterday to remove the staples and get the pathology report.  (drum roll please)  NO CANCER!!!!!!!

All tissues showed negative for any disease and I am so relieved!

So, now I can safely and reliably say "I'm NED!" 

Now to figure out how to celebrate!

Thank you to all my head and neck family members who cyber held my hand while all of this played out, you are all the most amazing people.  It is too bad that we all had to experience cancer to meet.


Peter SmileSurprisedTongue Out

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Awesome news Peter, enjoy the week-end and breathe a sigh of relief...


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Celebrating is the fun part. I plan on celebrating my three year anniversary of completing radiation today, by sharing the grandkids candy tomorrow. Actually they don't know it yet but that is part of the Easter surprise I have in store for them. I hope you find your special way to celebrate the good news.

Enjoy the day...............I enjoy everyone of them


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Ingrid K
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great news that NED is in the house.

CONGRATS, especially awesome after that little scare with a second surgery.

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I'm sorry you had to go through so much to get your NED.....but I'd say it was worth it!   What a great feeling, huh?  A two ton weight lifted off your shoulders. 

This time it's your turn to dance around the kitchen!!!


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congrats on the good news! that's what we live to hear.  have fun celebrating.

God bless,


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You found the Golden egg, you are NED!


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Congradulations on your hard WON NED !  I am so relieved to hear this fantastic news !  Continued Ned wished for you forever and a day !   Katie   Smile

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Glad to hear it Peter...very happy for you indeed!!!



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I'm soooo happy to read something like this... so many NEDs this week! Enjoy life now, go out and celebrate!!!!

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