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TMI Warning - My boys did it again!!!!

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As most of you know I have four boys and one daughter.  The boys are ages 2 - 12 (my daughter is the oldest at 14).  And I have posted on here before my "bathroom" experiences having so many "people" in the house and just one bathroom.


Sometimes when I first get home and the boys are upstairs, I try and steal some quiet time in the restroom.  But, as is customary the boys begin to realize I am home and start to filter in one by one.  Jace and Kohle, my 6 and 12 year olds often sit on the edge of the tub to "talk" to me as I sit on my special seat, I gave up long ago telling them that I sure would enjoy my time alone.  West, my 9 year old is just washing his hands and for whatever reason, my 2 year old Raylan is asking for help from Kohle, my 12 year old to brush his teeth.  I guess just being in the bathroom with dad is cool, I don't know.


So before long I have completed my task and as I turn from the sink after washing my hands and reaching for a towel, three of the four boys are just kind of standing there grouped together looking at me.  Natually I say "what"?  Kohle speaks up and ask "Dad, when we get to be your age will our tush be as big as yours?"  REALLY!!!!! 

Needless to say the bathroom cleared out quite quickly after that!!!!!!!



Proud father of

Georgia, Kohle, West, Jace & Raylan


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For 6 years of my childhood we grew up in a an old farmhouse style house, a big ole house, with one bathroom. You brought back good memories, I was the youngest of three girls, and I remember spending many hours sitting on the edge of tub watching my mom or sisters putting on make up, or my dad shaving. We just had to share the one room. It was good though.. eventually when my dad exoanded the kitchen on to the back porch too, he enclosed another area and built a second one.

Got to love the kids.. they say the cutest things.


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LOL, you have way too much company in the head....

I only have to deal with one of our Chocolate Labs, Kali... Like you when I first get home, my "special seat" is for reading and sorting the mail while doing the deed. Kali always has to come in, greet me, get some individual loving without Jazzy...

As soon as the paper work comes out, she's gone, LOL...

Tim, these are some of the moments you'll always remember...

My son, now almost 33, is still me little boy... I have a lifetime of memories with similar stories as yours..


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Ingrid K
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one of these times when you're out in the woods you need to build yourself an outhouse.....

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Thanks for that! I'm ~LOL'ing~ over here! I hope you told them that YES, their butts will be as big or bigger! 
My two learned pretty quicky that it wasn't the best place to be when Dad was sitting... if you know what I mean ;)~

Now I have a 2.5 year old Pixie Bob that HAS to be in the bathroom with me no matter what I'm doing!


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Guess that makes you the Butt of their joke.  

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I was just imagining the H&N reunion at your house, you on the throne, “T” singing in the shower and Skiffin, Ditto, Dan and me trying to brush our teeth.  The girls will have to wait their turn.



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Matt you really crack me up

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This made me laugh so hard. I remember this light moments of laughter when going thru treatment.

Small moments, big memories !


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I know this sound "hoakie" but I love our little one bathroom.  My boys bring me so much joy. I just love them and they are my world...so in a way even with all the chaos and crowd at times, exepcially now after having faced death for certain ....not much bothers me and I see all their little faces so different now, it's weird I guess, but better :)

(My daughter, not to leave her out, brings me joy as well, she's just at that age where a lot of drama comes in to play too ...lol).


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Remember Art Linkletter(no, you're too young). He had a show called "Kids Say The Darndest Things".

As for drama, they outgrow that at about age 30.  LOL



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Tim, pictures and stories about your family always bring smile to my face... When I talk about you to my Dad I always refer as "you know, Tim, who has 5 kids...". When my Dad was at his worst days of after rads effects I often remind him of you and how could you endure all that with such a big family and little kids. Dad only has one child - me, and I am grown already, so it was so much easier for him beause he could rest without "interruptions" on his worst days.

Enjoy your family and share more funny stories with us!

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Too Funny Tim!!! Let's hope they outgrow it! I'm visualizing you being about 85 yrs old and trying to do your duty and they're 35-40 yrs old and still chatting with you in there! Laughing

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