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good news

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  I want you to know that my Good Husband is taking us on an adventure of a lifetime.  I'm soo glad that I can, and, that I'm fine, and healthy enough to go on this trip. I won't be on this site for several mos at least. God willing you'll all have a beautiful spring, summer, and lovely fall, and I hope to talk to you a bit by then.

  We found some Very good prices online for a few cruises, and we'll even backpack Europe too. I have the ok by my Drs. It is a bit scary to take a big step like this, however, I'm fine now and sooo...

                                                                                   I'll keep you all in my Prayers,



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Have blast Marie...you've earned it!  Send lots of pics!  I may just stow-away!debrajo

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Have a wonderful time, Marie. 

Helen x

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I'm so excited for you.  Have a wonderful adventure.

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Enjoy.  I love adventures.  Hope you have a wonderful time.

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Life is short and never put off enjoying it....


Have fun


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Enjoy and have a great time.

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 Have a great trip! My husband did the same for me after my cancer treatment........we went to Alaska and had a blast! Enjoy every second of your trip!

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Morning Ladies, this is the countdown, one more wake up to the day we leave. My God is an Awesome God. Hope this is a yr for us all to remember, Health, Faith, and Joy. I'm soooo smilin.  Marie


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Marie, nice to hear from you and ecstatic that you are treating yourself to wonderful life experiences!

i know you are well on your way & will not see this till your return. 

Mary Ann

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Have a wonderful trip, Marie.  Savour every second of your adventure.

Kindest wishes

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Sara Zipora
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Living is the best revenge and enjoyment out trumps revenge! Enjoy and have a fabulous time of your lives!


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Enjoy Marie!!!!

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