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Radiation for liver tumors?

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It's been awhile since I've been on here and really miss the support.  My husband was dx stage 4 in June 2011.  He has been on chemo or radiation ever since.  He had liver resection in November of 2011 and 5 months later new lesions showed up.  He has been on FOLFIRI ever since.  His most recent scans showed new liver lesions.  They are recommending 5 radiation treatments instead of surgery after consulting with the liver surgeon and the radiation oncologist.  Has anyone else had radiation to the liver?  I was not able to be at the dr. appt because Ijust started a new job and don't have any sick time yet.  They said the radiation will destroy half of his liver but the surgery would remove half his liver.  We are just both so tired of all this cancer stuff and frustrated and sick of family and friends who just don't get it.  My husband's family act like its no big deal, he will be fine and his siblings rarely ever call.  Thanks for listening to my venting....Happy Easter to you all!

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o gosh i know how you feel about family acting like cancer is a cold that will go away. im sory i dont have much info for u except : dx stage 4 2011 liver resection and colin resection followed by chemo, remission in sept. dx again this month they did another resection and are getting ready to start chemo again. though i have been told that the liver regenerates itself.so i would think they would do a resection but every case is different.

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I had a liver resection in June and had more lesions by Sept.so the radiologist and the radiologist oncologist did SIRT on the liver. So I had 2 treatments...Nov. and Dec.and the pet scan in March showed clear liver. Just a thought for another option. Sending positive thoughts your way....-~ Ann

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Currently on folfiri and scan soon. This may be my next treatment and I am curious about it, too. Liver tumors are small and only a few. We'll know more soon. I understand about the family "check -out". It's very hurtful.

Sending positive thoughts and healing your way.


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Arch Surg -- Abstract: Solitary Colorectal Liver Metastasis: Resection Determines Outcome, May 2006, Aloia et al. 141 (5): 460


Two-Stage Resection and Improved Chemotherapy Regimens Lengthen Survival for Patients with Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer


Remember, the liver will regenerate after hepatic resection.  I had 75 -80% of my liver removed because of the location of my single and very small met.  

Sundance had RFA and did great.  Might do a search for his post regarding that.  

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“They are recommending 5 radiation treatments instead of surgery after consulting with the liver surgeon and the radiation oncologist. ”


It’s never too late for a “second opinion”, and I wouldn’t waste time getting one (or two, or three).


Radiation is called that because it radiates; it does not confine itself to a single area and can severely damage all cells within a proximity.


Get other opinions from experienced specialists that are not of the same group or organization as your present ones. Just do it.


Best hopes for you both,



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I have had 3 liver surgeries including 80% removed last time and all was regenerated after just a coule of months.

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Has anyone mentioned SIRT procedure? They go through an artery and put the radiation directly into the tumor. I had it in Nov. And Dec. and had a pet scan 3 weeks ago that the liver is clear! Had a liver resection last June and the mets came back. Just a thought....Happy Easter to you, too!   ~Ann

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