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Ok, a really small success but, YES!

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I know, this is a tiny thing but I went out to lunch today.  Haven't gotten to do that for 4 months.  I got a cup of cream of mushroom soup and managed to get almost half of it down, with not all that much water.  What the big success for me was I took the centers out of the white bread, buttered it up and soaked it in the soup and actually got it down.  Took a bunch of water, but the first solid food in, well a long, long time.  Maybe it's not a freight train at the end of the tunnel.


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Congrats, every step forward is worth celebrating. I remember my first time trying to eat out after treatment, didn't make it out of the restaurant without getting sick, I think I was just so anxious about it. It will get better, keep up the good work!


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Congrats Joe!

For those who have never experienced the challenge of eating, it's hard to imagine what it's like to struggle with a sip of water. To all of a sudden lose what has been 2nd nature your entire life is traumatic. What you may consider a small success is in reality a HUGE victory! Having been eating challenged for 3 months and with the expectation of this continuing for several more months, I know how frustrating this is and I know how gratifying normal eating and foods can be.

Here's to more lunches and fresh bread!



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Eating in public is not a small step. Only seems small for those who have not experienced H&N Cancer. But every sucess is BIG, and worth sharing with us. Each of your sucesses encourage us. Rick.

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Just a start, many more days and even better results are in yur very near future...


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it was HUGE.  I started smiling the second I saw where you were going with your "small success"....I remember doing the exact same thing....soaking heavily buttered bread in cream soup.....OMG, I was on the moon, so I sure do know how you're feeling.  One small step to getting back to normal....or abi-normal if you follow in John's footsteps....LOL.


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D Lewis
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The ABI-NORMAL Club!  One small step for 'J', one giant step for all of us!  Never underestimate the power of a great meal out, even if the meal is only a bite or two.  Welcome back to the real world.  


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My man, I am up to sop some soup with you any day.  It is as if you walked back into the normal world and made a (be it small) connection.  It will just keep getting better.


Very happy for you,



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joe, that is the start to biggger and better things.  now u can start experiementing with other foods.  yippieeeee!!!!  you're on your way now.  wtg!

God bless,


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I don't think that there is a better feeling then when you get that first chance to successfully eat real food!  I too was at about 4 months after treatments before I was able to eat anything beyond what my blender prepared for me.  I took a chance one day and picked up a 99 cent burger at McDonalds.  It took a lot of time, small bites, lots of water and two re-visits to the microwave to reheat things, but I don't think I've ever had a more satisfying food experience. 

Phrannie's right, it is a HUGE success! 

Great news


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I think you're doing awesome !  I love the wild rice mushroom soup, (home-made of coarse).  Eating out is huge !  It is very hard to describe to someone who hasn't been there done that so to speak.  Keep experimenting, good luck !   Katie

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