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maybe this should be two seperate posts..

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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First, I would like to apologize for making you all worry and wonder if I'm ok.  Please be assured that Lisa (my BFF) will post for me if anything is really wrong.  I've just been swamped with a volunteer job at my daughter's school.  They do an annual crab feed and I volunteered to be lead cashier.  Little did I know that job also included setting up the computers being used as cash registers.  I am not computer literate enough to do that, so I enlisted hubby to help.  He wasn't happy with some last minute problems.  We got the computers working at the house, but then we couldn't get consistent wi-fi at the event.  Frustrating to say the least.  On top of all that, I pushed myself too hard on a chemo week and had some vomiting, etc.  It's taking a full week to get back some energy...but I'm better now.

Kitten Annie is awesome, she's napping right now.  I will post pix soon, but be assured she is adorable!

The biggest news is not so good.  Had an appointment with the Onc yesterday.  He asked me to get a same day CT scan, which I did.  The BC is progressing.  I now have BC in those pesky lymph nodes (stable), in the pleural effusion (stable), in the local recurrence (growing), and a brand new nodule in my lung (sigh).

We are taking a week off chemo to switch to Eurbulin(sp?).  I haven't done any research on it yet, but the onc says it is easier than the carbo/gemzar combo.  I guess we'll see...the first euribulin is on 4/8.  It'll be two weeks on, one week off.

Thank you for worrying and wondering...and mostly for caring enough to do so.  (I'll work on catching up now.)






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Good to hear from you.  And I think it is great you have someone to post if you can't.  We should all have that.  So sorry that there were problems with your job at the crab feed.   The school band that I worked did crab feeds and while they are a huge amount of work, we used cash boxes and took cash or checks.  Did they use the computers so people could pay with pay pal.  I can't see any other reason to use them.  Seems like too much work.  Hope it was successful.

Sorry that you had a bad chemo week and even more disappointed to hear that the beast is progressing.  I will say prayers that the swithc in chemo will do a good job and that you have less side effects.

Again, glad to see you back on the board.  You are such a great asset.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
Posts: 2415
Joined: Sep 2010

Actually the computers were so we could take credit and debit cards.  And even with all those issues, it was a very successful event.  We took in about 28K just in registered seating and crdit cards.  That doesn't include cash or checks (or expenses).  And, they are a huge amount of work!  I'm glad I didn't sign up for more!!

Thank you for the prayers and good wishes.  I sure hope it works too!




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Hi LInda,

I'm so sorry to hear that the BC is progressing, hopefully the new chemo will put it back in it's place. You will certainly as alway will be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless



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Dear Linda, You're another inspiring woman and I try to always check on your posts even tho I'm not on the board often. I'm sorry also to hear that bc is progressing some but hopeful that the new treatment helps. You have been on this path for quite awhile and really have some rough spots. You're so courageous and always seem to be positive. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Sunrae

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Glad you are on again, I was on Erubulin for a long time, if I recall, that one was almost 11 months, and was the one that I lasted the longest on b4 my immune system gave out with all the uti's, (I still think that part of the uti's and kidney infections have something to do with the pelvic sling, although the dr who put it in says not, but wants me on a low dose antibiotic rather than just take it out).  I tolerated Erubulin so much better than Halavan, and it was the one that he started the herceptin with.  It stabilized the cancer in my liver and connective tissues for all that time, and I feel that one along with the herceptin that combo is why I am still going!  And other than the infections, the se were not as bad as most!  And my hair grew back!!! 

The Adriamycin is hard, but I do have about 4-5 good days a week, so overall the hard days keep me down, but the others allow me to function, except for the steroid power which is why I am up at 430a! laughing.  It is just for the 2 hard days I do not function at all. 

I hope it works as well for you. 

Hugs, and I am pulling for you. 




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Gabe N Abby Mom
Posts: 2415
Joined: Sep 2010

Thank you all for wishing me well and that the new (again!) chemo is successful.  Carol I'm especially thankful you shared your story...it's very encouraging.  I hope I can go 11 months on Eribulin!  I wish you all well.



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Wow!  You are truly an inspiration to take on that crab feed.  It's awesome how much money you raised.

Sorry to hear about your not so good news and wishing that the new chemo turns things around for you. xoxoxxo Lynn

New Flower
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 sorry for progression. Carol has given everybody hope about this new drug. I hope and pray it will work for you too. Debbie, My Turn now also was on this drug for 6 months and did well (as good as the one can do on cytotoxic Chemo).

Being busy is always healthy especially with your children and pets


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I like the stable part of your scans Smile.  The lung nodule and local recurrence are troublesome, but I know you will work on that!!!  I hadn't heard of eribulin either, so I had to find a link for you Wink.  So many new drugs out there!  Now don't take on too much and get some well deserved rest.  Sending gentle hugs and lots of love and support!



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Your very brave to take on a school computer project.  I use to do some library data base entry at the Middle School Library entering K-5 books into a library program.  While there a group was setting up for a similar type project like you undertook.  Oh what headaches they were having with the WiFi and not enough plugs and etc.  I felt so sorry for them.  It wasn't my library so I couldn't help them.  If it had been in my work place, I could have found them strips to help out.  

Sorry about the progression but what is one or two little nodule anyway.  They seem to come and go at their own will.  I decided long ago not to upset myself, even this last time when the ct scan stated increase in size and numbers in the left lung.  I was glad he didn't put a number on it.  They always said widespread in the past, so I feel their everwhere.  Now and then, they will say name one or two in this area have shrunk or enlarged.  

Hoping this new drug will work.  Not an expert on chemo, I am a newbie to this game after 18 years of the other one.  Wish I still was on the other but no sense of thinking that way.  Good luck and positive thoughts sent your way.

Best to the little kitten too,


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Dear Linda,


I am so sorry to hear of the progression.  You are in my daily prayers.  



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I'm glad you're feeling better from that nasty chemo. Annual crab feed! YUM! Can't wait to see a pic of the kitty.

Keeping you in prayer,


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Setting up those compueters would be a feat for anyone but for you to volunteer and take

on this challenge is amazing. And it sounds like you made a killing, sure you set everything 

up correctly, lol. (;

I can't wait for you kitten pictures, she must be adorable. Love the name Annie. 

I hope your oncologist is spot on and that the new treatment will be easier on you. I feel

like we need to coin a new word for you, strong and brave, don't cut it for you.




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