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My biopsy results

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I wish I could have news but I dont! My doctor called me and told me that the results came back that he got more muscle cells then he got lymph node cells. So now I have to get another biopsy and do it ALL OVER AGAIN! He felt terrible I could tell but I just cannot believe this. I have to wait a week or two because I have strep and it wouldn't be the best idea to do it while I have the infection. I don't know what to do anymore I feel helplessCry

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Oh Gosh Manda - that's terrible and I'm sorry to hear this.  I hope you feel better soon and the ball gets rolling again.  The waiting is bad enough and with what you've been through and now to have to it again.  Dang!  Try to hang in there...

Big hugs - Jim

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I can just imagine how you feel right now.That would really tick me off. Those biops are no fun. Just be glad it was not a BMB. All you can really do now is wait and that is so hard to do. I know it is not easy having to go thru it again, but we are all here and going thru it with you. We all know how difficult all these steps can be. This is the step that tells you exactly where you are in this journey. I know you have heard it before, but try to relax. John 

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I'm sorry for the hold up. No one wants to be re-biopsied, for sure. After going through my treatments and speaking with many doctors and surgeons, this type of news really ticks them off as well. I just know they wanted to get it right the first time.

I hope the strep backs off and you can get this junk done! I'd suggest taking your mind off things as much as possible. I'd suggest YouTube.. I know Jim may have some links that are useful. If videos aren't your thing, just pamper yourself Cool


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