magnesium, potassium, vectibux to blame uggghhh!!!

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Well things had been humming along so good, however the other shoe has dropped!!  low magnesium is haunting us and it is very scary.  Nothing is working Rog was taking 1000-1200 ml. supplements and no help, not even food and now we go to infusion on Mon., Wed., and Friday for 4 hour infusions, this has been going on for over a month and it just won't make that much needed jump stays in the 1.0-1.1 range, and now they are getting worried about the potassium also.  ( CEA has jumped from 108 to 679)!!  Any vectibux and Magnesium experts out there?  I guess Erbitux does this also..........anyone with a story to share about a similiar experience.  Thanks in advance for any info.  Kim


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    Why dont you try the oil


    Why dont you try the oil as well....put it on the skin. That's the fastest way to absorb it



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    Never heard of any oil, but I

    Never heard of any oil, but I will do some research, Rog is just getting so sick and tired of all of this Frown.  The Dr. told us last week that we were running out of options.  We see the Onc on Fri. the 5th, hopefully they will have a plan!!  Kim