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David signed his own hospice papers

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I left the hospital for two hours so my mother in law and brother in law could spend a little time alone with David. I think that is important especially since David has a couple of things to say to Scott.  While I was gone hospice came with the paperwork. To my surprise when I got back to the hospital he had signed them. Taking the burden off my shoulders. One more loose end he tied up for me.  The Chaplain came and prayed with him. The chaplain wanted to know what David's current goals were. David couldn't speak but wrote To get to heaven as quick as possible and leave the pain behind. I love that man. 

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I have been thinking of both of you a lot these past few days, I just can't imagine what you are going thru but in some small way, I hope knowing that all of us here are thinking of you and praying for you helps. I am glad he was able to sign for himself, I am sure that was a relief for you.

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May peace be with David and you. I hope the last moments are as easy as possible. David has been a real hero, battling the Beast as long as possible. We will always remember him. Rick.

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So glad you were able to step away for a bit and so glad to hear that David was able to sign the paperwork himself.

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Thinking of you both...


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Sounds like David is at peace with where he is going. I'm glad he was able to make that clear to all of you. He is looking forward to being pain and challenge free. 

Prayers are still there for you both.


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We are all here with you, as much as we can be.

Keeping you and David in my thoughts and prayers.


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My hopes and prayers are with both of you.



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vivan, my thots and prayers are with you and david.  i am u got some alone time today and that david was able to sign the papers himself.  May God be with you both and give you strength. 

God bless,


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I can only say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and David.  You have been a great caregiver and loving companion to David.



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Glad to hear you got a short break, and glad to hear that David is able to communicate with you and his family. You are in our prayers and thoughts constantly.

Kari & Dan

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It's been a hard road, Vivian, and you have held a steady course taking care of David. 


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is showing his love for you, by tying up as many loose ends as he can~~thinking of you and praying for strength

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I offer my thoughts and prayers for you and David. In a forum such as this, that's all one can do. I know that (((H))) is no replacement for a real hug but it's all we can do under these circumstances. Nonetheless, I hope it offers you comfort and peace.

Of all the words written, the one sentence that says it all is "I love that man". 

Of all the "things" of this world, the one aspect of life that makes it worth living is "love".  It's the one aspect of humanity that brings us more joy than any other.

Peace be with you and David....


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Your words of encouragement and consistent prayers for David and I are greatly appreciated. I have had to endure many hardships in my 42 years, but this hurt is unlike I have ever experienced. As a psychologist I know all about grief and thought I could really empathize with others who were going through it. I am finding I was wrong. This is way worse than I anticipated. I can't think, eat or laugh without crying. I am happy David isn't suffering, but my heart breaks for the half of it that is leaving this world. I have been trying to thank God for him blessing me with David, but I sometimes still think "Why God"?  Why my husband, why do you want him so much. Often afterwards when I softly sob I think because David has accomplished his time here. He has impacted so many lives and planted so many seeds and now he can delight in his heavenly home, which he has been looking forward to for years. He will see his father and our baby. Yet I struggle more than words can express. You become one with marriage and then it can all change over night. 

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the beautiful news is David has put his trust in his Lord and Saviour, and he KNOWS where he will be after he leaves his ill body behind.  What a Blessing to have that security.  It does not make it easier for the ones left behind as far as missing him, but to know he will have no more pain or sorrow is a blessing.  I know we all look forward to our NEDs and rightfully so, however we all know one way or the other the day will come we will all pass on.  So I just hope and pray I can have half the dignity and courage David has shown when that time arrives.  You have endured alot and stood strong Vivian Lee 5689 and you are a remineder to all of us what true love is.  God Bless you Both. Doug and Diane

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well said!!

God bless,


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Hi vivian,

It just breaks my heart to hear about this. My deep prayers for you. Your one simple statement 'i love the man' says it all. He is conveying his love to you by taking care of papers that he knows would have been very hard for you.


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jim and i
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May God hold you close and bring you peace.


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Dear Vivian, you're such a king and loving person, it is seen in every post. This time I only pray that you both find peace! No matter what the outcome is, the only important thing is that you can rest, finally relax and be in peace. Sometimes life just gives us something we don't understand, but later it will all be clear.

In our neighbour country, Croatia, there was a little 5-year old girl Nora Situm (maybe you've heard of her), she had leukemia nad the whole country collected money to send her to treatment to US. But she didn't make it... So she died in March and it was the most heart breaking news for all.... I know it must be horrible for parents, but yet they found some peacce now. She is now in a better place, with no pain, no needles, no doctors or hospitals.. She is an angel now and what she has managed to do is that she reunited the whole country and people around her who now see the other perspective of life. That the only thing that matters is love and peace. We all learn something from lessons that life gives us. We come out of them smarter and stronger. So, you will find your peace again and the love you and David have will keep your hearts forever warm. It's not the sky which separates us!

Prayers and hugs coming your way!

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I am praying for you both..

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