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We Are Moving.....

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Glad to be done
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My husband grew up in new england and only came here to upstate ny to go to college. Then we met and before you knew it we fell in love and got married a month after he graduated.  We spend our vacation every year all over the new england area any have always planned on relocating there aft err the kids finished high school.  

After last year we thought what are we waiting for.  We talked it over with the boys and they are totally on board.  We decided to make our move to New Hampshire.  My family all live out of state so it was really a no brainer since all of my in-laws are in the area we are moving too.  And so the search began. First hubbys job search which started and ended in less than two weeks.  Then the school search. We narrowed down schools we liked and began our house search.  This has been going on since February and in the meantime  my husband is working there and only home on wkends.   We have finally found a house that had everything we are looking for and are very excited to move.  I have resigned from from my job effective April 27 and we are leaving April 29th... We are all very excited about our new adventure. We will be living one mile from the beach so the boys are psyched about that.  

Now begins the search for new doctors.  I am having my port removed on Monday morning and am so looking forward to that.  I HD my pre op blood work done the other day and all was great. I also had my car 125 done since my appt is in a few weeks. That was 13. Everything is falling into place so nicely I told Aaron I am waiting for the ball and o drop.  

Once we are settled and I find a job, I am very excited to get to meet Pam (ptharp).  We are planning on getting together for lunch and a little shopping...

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Eileen, congratulations on your excellent numbers, getting the port out and your decision to start fresh in New Hampshire. You guys are so brave!

It was so much easier to move when we were younger and had nothing to loose.

When I was 22 and still single, I got up and moved from Russia (then USSR) to Israel with no language and a $100 note in my pocket. And survived.

When I was 28, already married, we got up again and moved from Israel to Toronto, Canada. With no job offers, basic English, very little money, nowhere to live and a 2-year-old in a baby carriage. We had to build our new life from the ground up till we got to the comfortable level. It was almost 18 years ago.

My husband has been talking for years about moving to SC or GA (some place warmer than Canada), but it never materialized. Now he is 50 and I am 45, and the thought of finding 2 new jobs, selling and buying a house, moving across the continent, getting settled in a new place is more of a dream than a project.

I digress...

I hope your move goes as smoothly as possible and that your family is very happy there. Say hi to Pam when you guys meet.


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We lived in NH last year while my daughter was in grad school. I went to Boston and Dana Farber for my care. I believe Dana Farber now has a satellite clinic in Southeast NH.

I'm glad you are living your dream, which is what living is all about, isn't it?

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Cool   and congrats on getting a new job. I am sure you will get  good Doctors out there too. Enjoy the beach when it warms up..be happy...stay strong.... Val

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I think it is wonderful that you are starting life in a new place.  It is truely a new beginning.  My best to you and your family.  I admire you so much.



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I can feel the excitement in your message and I am happy that you and your family are following your dreams and embarking on new adventures.  Please report back to us after you meet with our teal sister, Pam.


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Glad to be done
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Thank you all.  We are all very very excited.  28 days from now we will be setteling into our new home.   I think my husband is most excited because he is without us all week.  He just cant wait to have all of us together again.  I will admit having him gone all week makes for very long weeks and super short weekends. 

I will miss my friends dearly and my neighbors too.  Last year truly put our neighborhood to the test.  We starting to wonder if there was a bad cloud over us.  In September my neighbors son (who also worked for my husband)  was involved in a horrific vehicle accident and they did not think he would survive the night.  He did and is doing great.  In october my next door neighbor was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She had surgery and was very lucky that they got it all and did not need chemo.  I had my surgery in January and the day I came home her husband was rushed in for triple quad druple by pass surgery then came the news of my cancer.  It really tested all of our faith and truly brought us all even closer together.  It was every single one of them that supported us through my treatments.  They made meals, cleaned our house, and cheered me on during treatments and they were all here to celebrate with us the day I found out I was NED...

I have the best friends in neighbors in the world but ever since last year I can not help but feel that there is something bigger and better out there for us...  We are counting the days till we begin our new adventure.


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