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Larry's update, setback

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As many of you know, days and nights all run together in the hospital. I'm not sure what happened when anymore. Larry was doing great until Tuesday when they found still no bowel sounds. They backed off of the tube feedings and gave him laxatives through jtube. Wednesday no bowel sounds or movement. Up all night in severe pain and very distended. Thursday after 3 enemas and many laxatives they finally liquid is draining into bag at jtube site. His swallow test was scheduled for today and they would send him home this evening was the plan if everything went well. His bowel is just starting to wake up now. Xray shows intestines are looped. So swallow is rescheduled for Monday or Tuesday. Problem is they dont know when or if he be able to handle tube feedings. As of this morning they will attempt to let him sip clear liquids, however he is nauseated. If the nausea continues they will have to put ng tube back. I feel so bad for him. Good news...Larry is a stage II not a III! There was some cancer left but they got it all, so no follow up chemo. He will be scanned every 3 months for the first 2 years.

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Shoot, I'm so sorry for the setback! It seems like we have a lot of those, just one hour at a time!

Thinking of you!


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Darn.  Good they caught it before he headed home.  Things will get better!


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