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Warm Greetings

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Good Day,

           I am just writing eveyone to wish everyone a blessed holiday(Easter or Passover) and a wonderful spring.  Each day that I wake up is a gift and I pray this gift for all of us.

       Peace and Blessings,


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Same to you!

Birds are chirping -love it!

Have a wonderful holiday-Barb

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My Hot Cross Buns are rising as I type.  

I hope all of you have a blessed weekend, regarless of our beliefes, celebrating something is always a joy. 

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Great of you to check in how are you? -- Best, Cynthia

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Posts: 174
Joined: May 2010

Hi Cynthia,

     I am fine, thanks for asking.  My doctors are still telling me that I am cancer free. I had 2 feet of my sigmoid  colon removed and went through 6 months of chemotherapy.  I have done a major change in my diet since I was diagnosed in 2010.  I am now basically a vegetarian and try to eat as much organic foods as possible.  It really helps that my 27 year old son is a vegetarian.  I must admit that I must exercise more.  I am constantly reading food labels.  Since my faith is strong, I am truly thankful for each day.  I have been a disability examiner for Social Security for the last 32 years so I am constantly reading about disabilities including colon cancer. Instead of being afraid, I truly give thanks for each day and I try to inspire others when they are diagnosed.  Someone on this website inspired me when they said "what if I live?"  I am looking forward to turning 60 in October and I am in good company, Chaka Kahn, Pierce Bronson, Tim Allen, Charlie Wilson, Cyndie Lauper  etc.  I just see it as a new adventure.

This is what I look like now.  I don't even want chemicals in my hair.  So keep smiling and enjoy life.  I am .

Peace and Blessings,




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I hope you have a good holiday,and wonderful spring.

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Happy Happy Easter to all of you also!!  I saw about 6 robins today, so I actually believe that spring may have sprung here Laughing.  Kim

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Thanks, I pray everyone has a peaceful Easter.  We are sticking close to home so I can still rest. Was in hospital earlier this week for a hood transfusion. Still low blood but a little better. Again, enjoy Easter. Jeff

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Joined: Jan 2012

Happy easter to you also Karen.  Yes I agree with your comments.  I feel blessed to wake up every morning and feeling so alive, some days not so good but I hope to have many more good days ahead.  Take care.


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and a very blessed holiday to you Karen....so so very happy to hear you are doing so well....isn't this the best time of year? spring....so filled with hope and renewal


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Happy Easter to all.  It was a beautiful day.  One year ago I was on treatment #3.  Now I am NED and every morning I open my eyes and thank God.

I too am now organic and no red meat.  Alot of exercise - could do more.  No makeup (chemicals), special shampoos and soaps.

It is a "freeing" experience!


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