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My saga continues...

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Have had the sorest right side, had acupuncture on Tuesday,  helped for a bit.  Woke up Wednesday, my whole right hipside hurt again, but overall felt better.  Saw onco today, told him I had a sinus infection, and maybe a bladder or kidney?  He knew something was up as I was running a fever which I didn't even know until they took my temp. 

Another UTI/Kidney infection w blood.  He examined me and the whole area above the hip was really sore.  Of course sinus was pretty easy to confirm. 

Then he said no Xgeva this week, which I was thrilled by the way until he checked my jaw where there is a painful new area, he is worried that it is necrosis from the Xgeva, so done with it.  I may go to the dentist to xray my lower jaw and see if he diagnosis' necrosis or a tumor. 

I will continue on Adriamycin as long as my body tolerates it, but if the infections continue as they did on the last 2 chemos, then he will stop it.  I am on another round of antibiotics to clear this infection. 

I am not ready to give it up until we are sure that I wont tolerate it period.  Hospice was discussed with this, but I am not ready to go that route yet at I am still living my life!  I told him when I feel it is time I will let him know:))


Keep Hoping!  



















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I am 100% behind you in what ever decision you make - Fight, Fight, Fight.  I adore you, and pray for strength, and courage dear Friend.

Gentle hugs, and wishes for better days for you.


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I will keep hoping that you will be able to continue the chemo without anymore infections.  I am in amazement at the courage and strength that you have while you battle this horrible disease.  I am sending you the most positive thoughts I possess as well as my prayers and respect for anything you decide to do.

Keep living your life!!



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I do believe we each recognize when the time comes to call in hospice from all those I read who went into the program.


Wishing you the best in this awful journey, 



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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You have such strength!!  I know it probably doesn't feel like it on some days....but I certainly admire you!!  Even at the worst times, you manage to stay hopeful and continue to give life everything you've got.  I have learned a  lot from you about how to handle this stage IV stuff.  Thank you for setting the example. 

I think going to the dentist is wise...at least that way you know what you're dealing with.  You are on my mind a lot.




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So sorry to hear everything you're going thru. I'm not on the board much because of some of my health trials but you are so strong and courageous and such an inspiration to all of us. I always keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers and hope for the best. Keep up the good fight and don't let anyone give you an expiration date. You're such a strong positive  woman and we're all hoping for some good days yet for you.

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Whatever you can and will do, dearest!!!!!


I HATED adriamycin!!!!!  It is a devil to take!!!  So, take a rest (I did, actually skipped one A/C and went on to the Taxol), and make the decisions later....


BIG hugs, Kathi

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