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A Big Shout Out of Thanks to my Beloved Pinks!!!

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Just received my care package and I cannot begin to tell you how your thoughtful and loving gifts lifted my heart.  I love them all:  the hand crocheted footsies (and they fit like a glove), the beautiful knit caps, the lovely pink leather bag (perfect for work and toting to the hospital), the book (you know I love to read), the angel wings, the bracelt, the pin and the CD's.  I feel soooo pampered.   Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart!!!

And, to top off my day, my new drug is approved and arrived in exactly one week.  I am scared but ready to fight, fight, fight!!!

Thank you all again.  :-)


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You deserve to feel pampered. I hope the new drug does the trick for you. Good Luck!



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I am hoping you do well with this combo.  I was on one site and it was pretty effective for a lot of other cancers also.  I would love to hear how it goes, please keep us posted! 



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back on our CC's face, and heart!    Pamper away - and enjoy.


Vicki Sam

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CC, You're such a courageous fighter too. I've been following your posts, along with your ups and downs. Glad this pampering is an upper for you and hope the new med works. You are much loved here and I want to let you know I keep you in my thoughts and prayers even tho I'm not on the boards much myself. Hang in there and let us know if you do better on the new med.

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and that you got pampered. Who's that cutie on your lap? 

I will look for your updates and continue to send my posivite

vibe your way CC




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