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I had blood work done today and it confirmed what I already knew--I am in my nadir. (I hope this will be the last time).  My white blood cell count is less than 1.0, my hemoglobin is 8.6 and my absolute neutrophils are 156 indicating severe neutropenia and high risk for infection.

Now I am where I need to be. Home. Away from people and germs. I put on warm pajamas and made myself a healthful and delicious smoothie with fresh fruit and protein powder. Now I am sipping a cup of tea. I have a good book to read. Even though I love to cook, I think I'll ask my husband to pick up  pizza for dinner.

I have had a Neulasta shot, so I know my counts will come up rather quickly in the next few days. Meanwhile, what are some of the things you do to comfort yourself when you are alone and feeling weak and vulnerable?




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I did exactly what you are doing, made myself as comfy as i could and was ready for the long haul, i wish you luck and will keep good thoughts

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Well my oncologist told me what I already knew too. I have a chronic auto-immune system and there is nothing they can do about it. I can just try to stay healthy as I can. I have Sjogrens on top of everything and had it 9 years prior to being diagnosed with the lymphoma.

BTW: I did the neulasta shots during chemo treatment too. Also had mexatrate spinal shots for a month.

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