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Today's the day

TexasCharlie's picture
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Joined: Nov 2012

Today I go have my modified radical mastectomy. The surgery is at 2:30PM and I check in at 1. All your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, I know they work.

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Joined: Feb 2013

Best of wishes.  Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Joined: Oct 2010

Thinking of you..i'll check back for update..



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Joined: Jun 2010

Good luck with your surgery today. It really was not as bad as I thought it would be. Perhaps you need the Pink Bus? TraciInLA makes a wonderful driver. We will all, of course, be thinking of you.


Posts: 66
Joined: Jan 2013

Hope it's a smashing success!  God bless!

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Joined: Nov 2012

Thoughts and prayers are with you,lease check in when you can

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Joined: Jan 2013

Good Luck!!!!!  God Bless

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Joined: Nov 2012

I hope everything went great today and I pray you have a speedy recovery.

Sending you hugs and prayers!


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Double Whammy
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Joined: Jun 2010

I imagine you're recovering now.  Hope the surgery went without a hitch and you can now move forward.  I also hope we didn't make too much noise in the parking lot with the bus.


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Joined: Apr 2010

I hope your surgery went well and there were no surprises. I will keep you in my thoughts and send you positive energy for a speedy recovery.



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Joined: Mar 2013

I hope all went well, and hope you have a speedy recovery!


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Joined: Dec 2010

give it a few days to a week and hopefully you will be thinking that it was better than you had figured, but the first couple of days or weeks, until the drains come out, are challenging as you don't really realize how often you use those muscles. 

Prayers that all went well,



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Keeping you in good thoughts and prayers dear Brother in PINK.  Post when you are able.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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Joined: Jun 2010

I hope everything went smoothly yesterday and that your recoverly will be quick and uneventful.


Best wishes,


TexasCharlie's picture
Posts: 76
Joined: Nov 2012

It all went well and I am home now. Camul, you are right about the drains, dealing with them will be a challenge. I tol my wife I would drain them and squeeze the  hoses out since she doesn't deal with body fluids too well. I just did them and it wasn't too bad. The pain is minimal but I did just take a pain pill rather than the Motrin cuz I want to go sleep in a few.

You guys in the bus didn't disturb me too bad,  but the nurses did look out the window a couple times to see what the commotion was all about.

Thanks for the wonderful support Y'all have given me.

Love ya all


Gabe N Abby Mom's picture
Gabe N Abby Mom
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Joined: Sep 2010

I'm sorry my own crazy life caused me to miss this.  I hope your recovery is swift and those darn drains come out sooooon!!! Please keep us posted on your progress.



P.S.  How is the neuropathy? any better?

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Posts: 149
Joined: Nov 2012

Hi Charlie,

So glad you are home, I hope you are doing well. Please keep us up to date on how you are dong. God Bless



SIROD's picture
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Joined: Jun 2010

Charlie, I went to work with drains still in me.  I know that they don't pull out that easy.  I'm certain someone will say, their came out.  

I had about eight surgeries with drains that I can recall both above and below the waist.  None were pulled out by me and I never found them to gross to empty.  As the days go by, they become less pink and soon there is hardly anything to drain out.  I always loved them pulled out.  When I showered I used a long chain necklace to attached them or a chain type belt if it was below the waist to hold them in place.  It worked for me.

Glad it is over for you.



Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

Sounds like things went pretty smooth.I didn't have drains but my sister did.She had some problems so her 17 year old granddaughter helped her. My sister said it was a pain but they both managed. She's having reconstuction in April.

Wishing you the best and continued recovery without any problems.Happy we didn't bother you on the bus.Some can get out of hand.I do somewhat but I try to be a one of the calmer ones. It's hard though and I understand those who get rowdy.

Thoughts and Prayers to You and your Family

Lynn Smith

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Joined: Sep 2008

Charlie, sorry I was not "online" with your surgery and on the "Pink Bus",I am glad to read that you are at home recovering. I've had to have my computer "de-buged" last week.

It has been 5yrs. since my mastectomy and the drains were the worst part of it all. Only thing was, after the drains came out I got MRSA in the scar area. There was a hole about 2 in. deep. My wife, bless her soul, had to use a q-tip to clean it out and put ointment on it. Hopefully, this will not happen to you.

I didn't have a whole lot of trouble after the surgery raising my arm other than the slight pain from the surgery and the drain. It took me 4 wks. to recover enought to go back to work, even though I wanted more time to recover. Be careful what you wish for! Since the "bone mets",I've got all the time to recover now.

Prayers and strength for a speedy recovery.


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