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radiation treatments

winter woman
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hello..i havent been here for quite some time..i was diagnosed with lung cancer caused by cancer cells migrating to my lungs from my colon cancer years ago...this time its stage 4. scarey. my question today tho, is what can i expect from radiation treatments? i have of course researched this, but would like feedback from someone who has had it done. what are the side effects? will it burn my skin? I have of course accepted my diagnosis, but hope is always alive. I truely feel for those here who have this awful disease, and my prayers include all who do have it. i would appreciate your imput. thanks. Smile

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My course of treatment was spread over 35 sessions.   I don't remember how many grays they gave me just that I had the max allowed.  My skin got very dry but didn't burn.  Do not wear deodorant as it has aluminum in it.  

The first appointment they fit me in their cradle and took measurements. It was the longest appointment of all.  Side effects are cumulative.  It was a couple weeks before the esophagitis hit.  They will tell you that there is some slight irritation.  They lie, it hurts like he!!.  Pick up some aloe juice. I wish I had know about this beforehand.  Also there is something called magic mouthwash.  It works for some, but not me.  

If you have a food processor, use it to chop your meat very fine without pureeing it.  I did well with applesauce, ice cream and other foods that coat or go down slowly.   Some don't.  Stay away from pepper and spicy foods. 

Fatigue can be a big problem, rest when you need it.  Stay well hydrated and take your stool softeners.  Check your legs regularly for blood clots.  You will do fine.  Let me know if there are any other questions.  

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I had 33 straight treatments and had no burns and only slight esophogus discomfort.  It has been almost four years now.  Sometimes it is hard to swallow the first sip of coffee or first bite, but generally that is not much and probably is related to my gastric reflux.  Everyonce in a while I get dehydrated and fatigued but I always come out of it.  Drinking and eaing more helps.  As to brain lapses, as I have said before, it is hard to tell, I'm a bit spacey anywhoooo. ;)  I also had PCI which may have been a mistake but whats done is done; I don't think it did to much damage.

Take care of yourself!




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