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Didn't someone on here once post that they had appendix cancer?

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Last weekend a friend asked me if I was willing to speak with a friend of hers who they had said had OVCA.  Anyway, when she had surgery Monday, they realized that it was appendix cancer.  Apparently it is very rare, and there are very few specialists for this type of cancer.


The family is considering M.D. Anderson or Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  Personally, I would think M.D. Anderson might be a better option.


Does anyone know of someone with appendix cancer?  This poor family is really searching for hope at this point.  Does anyone have any idea of how to point them in the right direction?


Thanks so much.



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MD Anderson is one of the recommended facilities (Dr. Mansfield.)  I went to Memorial Sloan Kettering, and am doing great.  Where is your friend based?

Advise her to avoid Cancer Treatment Centers of America - they do not know this cancer, and are for profit.  Lots of problems with them (despite their warm, fuzzy advertising.)  After speaking with them, I knew to avoid them.

I go to Dr. Paty at Sloan Kettering in NY, and have been in complete remission for almost 6 years.


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I had appendix cancer too.  It was caught early enough that surgery took care of it.  Still getting regular checks by oncologist.  I contacted Dr. Mansfield (MD Anderson) and Dr. H. Alexander (University of MD) for second opinions.  Dr. Alexander called me personally which meant a lot to me.  My local onc is doing the follow-up appts but, if in the unlikely event that it recurs, I probably will go to Dr. Alexander for any further surgeries, etc...  There are several around the country who know alot about this rare cancer but you usually have to do research to find them and travel to see them unless you are lucky enough to live close to any of the handful of specialists who know this cancer.  Good luck to your friend.

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Hello friends,

I was diagnosed in 2002 with appendix cancer. I had surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Please don't get stuck because of fear. You must fight like hell!!!

Find a great oncologist and move forward. I was treated with 5FU, the same cocktail they treat colon cancer with.  I live close to Cleveland Ohio so I hand picked Ireland Cancer 

Center at University Hospital of Cleveland. I wish you well. Please contact me if you have any specific questions.

With love,


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Was treated successfully at University of Pittsburgh

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