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Chemo breaks

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What is the criteria to go on a chemo break and how long is it usually for?   I'm praying for a three month break but my CEA just rose.   I'm just exhausted and would love a break.  

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For me scans were stable and CEA was low below 1 .... oncologist offered me a couple of weeks break,   I asked for it to be till next scans .... next scans were in two months  .... still no change,  so I stayed off chemo. till next scans .....three months later they were still stable ..... so next scans were booked for 4 months out ....I was hoping for still stable, but my CEA rose to 3 and there was some progression seen.  Tried xeloda for three months, but CEA rose again....so went  Went back on Folfiri with Avastin added,  but then  I had other issues,  tooth cracked and got infected .... so had to go off chemo. to deal with that ..... I was off chemo. for a month .... went back on chemo.  then took a vacation, came home and a week later when supposd to restart the chemo. I caught a bad cold ended up on anti-biotics and chemo. delayed ... which delayed my scans so I could get more chemo. under my belt .... scans are on Monday morning ..... CEA is up to 11 .... onc. now brought up the possibility of switching to Folfox ....  seriously stressed .... hoping for stable scans so I can stay on this regimine as it's doable for me .... I have two days, maybe 3 of feeling yucky with some on and off nausea.   The thought of foxfox and it's side effects really scare me.   I guess I'll know by Wed.

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Smokey joke...that sounds like a chemo roller coast ride...and not a fun one.   You have been through a lot.   I hope you can stay on what you want and don't have to do Folfox.   I did the Folfox for 6 months, like many here, it is doable...the worst of it for me was the moth sores and the neuropathy that got worse and worse after treatment #7.   I have been off of Folfox since January and the neuropathy is pretty much constant.  I will be getting a CT scan in the next couple of days due to rising CEA and back pain...I am hoping that it is nothing to worry about...but if I have to do more chemo then I will.



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