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Spleen embolisation

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My spleen embolisation was successful.   Platelets were up to 630 so I was able to get full dose of irrotecan.  Had to skip one treatment while I was recovering. CEA doubled   I was hoping for a chemo break.  I've been doing this so long but guess that is not going to happen now.  

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so glad to hear your platelets have rose and sorry about your cea.well as for me i am about to start back on my chemo journey.starting Sunday i will be back on xeloda(thank goodness) but my mg have doubled.i will be taking 2000 a day instead of 1000 a day(for 7 days then off for 7 days) and adding avastin every other week.so here we go.my onc said my platelets will never be a problem anymore last lab work mine were in the 800"s.hope you can get off irrinotecan sometime i know that cocktail is hard.love you girl and just keep fighting....Godbless....johnnybegood

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W2Go, Vicki:)

You're shooting off the scale now! Wow!  630!  The meter is supposed to stop at 450:)

As they say on Duck Commander.....Happy, Happy, Happy!


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Great news.

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Good your platelets are up :)   

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Yaaah! Great news. Congratulations. Hopefully a chemo break is in your future.

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