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2timothy1 7
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I do believe in the living Christ and His word. Saying that doesn't make me some super person who can withstand things without falling apart by any means. Had to leave Sunday school class this past Sunday due to crying. Just hits me sometimes. However, if we look at Christs closest followers, his disciples, I'm reminded they all suffered greatly but they followed with even more zeal after Christ arose! Before he arose, they were confused just as we are sometimes. Easter is proof we have a living God. The disciples knew it and gave their lives for it. They didn't base their decisions on fables. He is the real deal. I'm not preaching to anyone today. Just trying to get myself motivated with what I know to be true. Happy Easter teal sisters!


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Kiss     yes...we believe in what Jesus went through .....Happy Easter to you and all our warriors .bite off the bunny ears and enjoy the day with your friends and family....Val



His grace
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TOday is the first real nice mild and sunny day this year.  Thank you Jesus. Happy Easter to all of you out there. 

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Amen to all that you have spoken.  In our weakness, HE is made strong!  So glad that you were able to celebrate His Resurrection and the Grace that He has imparted to us, regardless of your weak moments.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for ALL things!



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Glad to be done
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I hope you had a great Easter and got to relax some.  We had a great day....


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