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Cell Phones....could they be the cause?!

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Tonight Jason just out of the blue said "you know what I just thought of?....where do I carry my cell phone? (on his right hip) & WHERE is my tumor? (his RIGHT side, which is apparently not that common for colon cancer) so, that really made me think. So, of course I sat down & Googled it & from what I read there hasn't been "enough" studies done to definitively proove that the RF from cell phones can cause cancerous tumors, but even on the pretty well known cancer sites the studies ARE being done, & from what they are saying they need 'more' studies done before they can say yes, cell phones do cause cancer. So, I was just wondering what you all think....

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Husbands cell phone on right side always and tumor on left descending.

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So weird...about 4 days ago I woke up and that same thought popped into my head. Cell phones and laptops...and all the younger people getting this.

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you know come to think of it. i use to carry my cell for years in my right back pocket or whatever it was always on my right cause im right handed. my tumor was on my right. .hmmmm....it is a thought...

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I have read many articles that cell phones do cause tumors but they're not saying yet that they're causing cancer although most doctors involved in the study don't carry them or use them often for that reason.  That being said, I only got a cell phone at 38, was diagnosed at 42 and always carried my cell phone in my pocketbook and rarely used it.  Mine seems to be hereditary although there is no genetic marker yet that proves it.  You never know what causes it, can only do your best to limit exposure to toxins and eat as well as you can.  Would I carry my cell phone on my body or use it often, nope.  Not willing to take the risk.  Really it's somewhat a guessing game.

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You know my 15 yr old daughter put her cell phone in her bra to carry it - I almost killed her.   She said all the girls do that.    I made her promise to not do it again. 

Interesting that the doctors in the study don't carry them.

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I wish “they” would spend more time looking for a cure, than looking for a cause.



Best wishes ya’ll,



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