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Vaginal itching

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Lime Flamingo
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I am on my 13th day of radiation. The things that I am doing besides crying and climing the walls is: Frequent sitz baths with warm water and a little antibaterial soap. Right now I am laying in recliner with legs wide open and a fan blowing on the minefield. If I get agitated it really gets worse. I have tried acquafor, A&D and even powder. I really don't think I will be the same for a longtime. The burning and the ITICHING makes me want to just scream. I touch myself so much you would think I was a 15 year old boy. If anyone can helps me, I will try anything.Cry

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I just posted to you under the heading Vaginal Sores. I suggest you gently wash off all the products that you have put on your skin. If your Dr. says it is ok, some people used Benadryl. You need to get some Dove Sensitive
Skin Body Wash and a handheld shower and keep the area clean and dry.
I followed the hospital's instructions and my burns seem to have been minimum in comparisonmto others. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers!

One more thought. This may seem far out, but my hospital reommended that I use the blue powdery substance that they put in fish tanks to put 1 tbspn. into sitz baths....POST TREATMENT. It was strange going into the pet store to get it.......but it worked to soothe.

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Boy do I understand what you're going through. I felt the same way. The best thing I used was Aquafor. It is a water based ointment. You can get it at any department store like Walgreens and Walmart. It is very very soothing. I would slather it on at least 4 or 5 times a day. It really helped.

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The fan and long dresses were my friends!  Thought I would NEVER wear pants of any kind ever again!  second aquaphor and benedryl.  Although nothing seems to really STOP the misery it does make it better.  My hubby rigged up what we called the "red neck  bidet" for me.  Which was a hand held shower thar reached to the commode.  Cool fresh water rinse every time you potty!  And again, the fan....   PS....  15 months out and wearing jeans.....


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I used DOVE brand bath wash on my private area as antibacterial wash is too strong on your burned skin at this time.  My oncologist recommended doing this.  I used Irish Spring on the rest of my body and had minor itching.  Strong soaps are a no no during this time.  Hope this helps a little.


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I took Benadryl (Children's) and used sitz baths with Aveeno colloidal oatmeal (about 1 tbls in the sitz bath). Neither thing completely eased the itching but they did help. The itching subsided I think around week 4 or 5.

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Have tried many different things, the aquafor was so thick that after a while it was too painful to try to slather on.  This week I was prescribed silver sulfadiazine and it does seem to help quite a bit.  Prior to starting treatment I ordered Andra Sina Emerald Aloe Relief Lotion and relief ointment.  I am using the lotion on the outsides of my thighs/hips which are also burned, also helpful.

15 yr old boy at least you hav your sense of humor.  I told my sister that sometimes I feel like I have tourettes syndrome as I leap unexpectantly into the air and shove my hand down my pants to try and soothe the itch:)

Good luck!

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