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Larry's Surgery update and question

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Today is day 5. Larry is moving right along. It is quite amazing. Yesterday thay removed his NG tube, chest tube, epidural, and cath. He is still quite weak and gets out of breath easily. He did have a small pneumothorax yesterday, they believe it is resolving on its own. He is starting on clear liquids today, however it is not going very well. Also they have tried to increase tube feeding but had to back off. If he continues to stay on the mark he will be home Friday afternoon. My main concern is all of the coughing and the difficulty he has trying to get it out. How long does this usually last for?

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My cough after surgery lasted about two months. It was most pronounced the first two weeks after surgery. When I was in the hospital they gave me a couple of breathing devices to help me with clearing and strengthening my lungs. One of them vibrated when I breathed into it. It was was designed to make me cough so I would clear my lungs. My cough gradually dissipated over the next two months.

I am glad to hear Larry is making progress. If they are starting him on clear liquids that must mean he passed his swallow test and that is a major accomplishment.   

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Hi Laura,

My husbands cough was also a couple of months. The more coughing. the more will come up and not settle back into his lungs and that will only help with him "getting out of breath easily". What is not going well with his clear liquids? My husband was only allowed 1 oz per hour for 2 weeks.  HAve you set up his bed to be elavated when he comes home? That will help with the coughing also. I remember those huge accomplishments (a short 6 months ago) with all the tubes. Keep me updated! Janet

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