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My mom is cancer free!

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Hello everyone!

I just signed up for CSN today so I could share good news with all of you women out there. My mom is 49 and was diagnosed
with stage 3C ovarian cancer =in October of 2012. She had a full hysterectomy, followed by 6 chemotherapy treatments,
one per month. Today she went to the clinic for her results - and she is cancer free!! It truly is the best day of my life. I just
hope that everyone who's going through the same thing realizes that it IS POSSIBLE to beat cancer despite the odds. She had
an amazing oncologist who was very positive about her progress. Doctors and technology are amazing at this day in age, and
every day treatment becomes more and more effective. Never give up hope!! :)

Best of luck to you all,


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Wonderful news about your mom! I hope she stays NED (no evidence of desease) for a very-very long time.

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Thank you for sharing the good news about your mom!  Wishing you both a life of good health.



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I cant think of anything that could be better! Blessings!

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