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Hello, Dear Ones

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Hi All,

     It's been quite a while since I've posted and I thought I'd check in. For those who I haven't met, I was diagnosed 3C in May 2006, had a terrific 3 year remission and have been chemoing again for the last 3 years. I know that sounds very scary, especially to those who are now in chemo treatment and counting them down. I have chemo this afternoon actually. I have cisplatin/gemzar one week, gemzar the next and then two weeks off. It's become my normal..... crazy, huh. I want to let those who might be told they are no longer in remission, that living with this is possible. My counts are stable at around 56, not normal, but I'll take it. I won't tell you that it's easy, but "being there is priceless". I have to juggle around dates to be able to attend b-day parties, etc., but I'm there! Everytime I get feeling like I just can't do this anymore, I close my eyes and think of all my sisters, that I have loved on this board, who are no longer with us.

     My youngest granddaughter was born while I was having my debulking surgery. I plan to dance up a storm at her 7th birthday party this May. I consider myself a very lucky woman!                         ((((((HUGS)))))   Maria



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to hear from you, Maria.  It is worrisome when ladies drop away.  You are such an inspiration.  I have my CA 125 tomorrow that will most likely determine if I start chemo.  I had an 18-month remission until my numbers began to climb last April.  The past year has been unsettling because though my counts dropped initially when I began taking Tamoxifen they began to rise three months later.  I have been on a couple of other medications with no success so if this last one hasn't done the trick...

But....I have had the whole year without any symptoms for which I am extremely grateful.  It's been more of a head trip.  So whataever happens I will think of you having lived the last three years on chemo and still possessing the most upbeat and loving outlook on life.  I am usually very upbeat but it has been a struggle and the thought of chemo is unsettling.

People tell me, "Well, at least you know what it's like because you've been through it."  I answer, yeah, and that's why I don't want to do it again!  Tongue Out

The thought of you dancing at your granddaughter's birthday party puts a smile on my face.


Love, Karen


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Yes...we tend to worry. I am still in chemo but getting very close to remission. It has been very hard..I am getting Carbo/Taxatore ...it was changed in Jan..so I have had three cycles...anothetomorrow . Before that Carbo/Taxol six times..then Cisplatin /Gemzar..six cycles..ca-125 was 13 last month. I lost my balance around Christmas due to chemo related inner ear problem...all better now. Looking for better days to come. Dance up a storm at the party and have the time of your life. Takes lots of pi ..smile.laugh.love.....Val 


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I am pretty new to this board - but nearly as far along in my journey as you are yours. I was diagnosed in July of 2007 - Stage 3C.  After surgery and nearly a year of chemo I enjoyed nearly 4 years of NED.  In Sept of 2011 I went back on Carbo/taxol for 6 months.  Then in January of this year started on Doxil.  My CA 125 is currently 146.  It got as high as 190 when I first started the Doxil.  I am having some pretty nasty skin issues so I am seeing yet another drug in my near future. And don't really expect any more long periods of chemo free life.  But who knows - stranger things have happened!    

I gotta tell you I am getting weary - I have said to people before I feel like I was really good at being really sick (sounds strange I know) and of course great at being well.  It is this new phase that I am having a bit of trouble with.

Thank you for the encouraging words.  My sister is a 10 year breast cancer survivor and we all just got together to celebrate my Moms 75th birthday!  So glad I am here and able to do those things! 

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Maria / Karen / Val / Miley and all our dear "chemo seniors" - you give us, "chemo freshmen" an example and inspiration.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and for making our journey a little bit easier.

Happy Easter!

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So I'm a "senior" huh?  I sure hope that means I will get to graduate from chemo soon!  LOL!

Happy Easter to all of you as well!



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Thank you so much for checking in with us and letting us know how you're doing.  I myself am currently NED (no evidence of disease) but I worry a lot about my teal sisters on this board who are going through chemo or facing the prospects of chemo.  I worry but at the same time, I am also in awe over your strength and courage.  Please know that I'm praying for us all.



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I was getting very worried about you. So glad to hear you are going dancing in May. I have had 27 doses of chemo in the last 2 1/2 years with one 9 month remission. I am presently in remission again. At least we think so. My count was 13 and we didnt do a CT as they dont work so well for me. I hope and pray that I can follow in your footsteps and continue to live life inspite of chemo.

I hope you dance in May and all summer long and beyond. Dont want you to dwell on the beast but do check in once in a while so we know all is ok!



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I am Happy for you! I follow yours steps. February,14 2007 I was DZ with stage 2C ovc, so I'am 6 years survivor. My youngest grandchild - Anastasiya  turn 7 in  December. Me to, very lucky to watch her growing. I know it is not easy for us, but good going Maria!  : ),  with best wishes Zina.

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Glad to be done
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Maria it is great to see you in here.  I am glad to here you are feeling well.  


Alexandra is right' you and everybody else who has posted above are truly an inspiration to us newbies.  I love this group and wish I would have found it sooner.  It would have been great to go through my journey with all of you.  

i wish you and all a very happy easter.  

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God Bless you Maria, and give you a long, happy life to spend with your family!


;)  Hugs!



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What a wonderful goal - dance, dance, dance!  Stay strong, and thank you for sharing!


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Just checked in , I do now and again , lovely to see quite a few of the old faces xx keep fighting ladies xx

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(but it's only been 2 1/2 years since my diagnosis). My story is similar to yours, Lulu1010. 

I don't log on here very often, but when I do, I learn a lot. And the sight of familiar names gives me a sense of peace and hope. So thanks for checking in, Maria. I'm going to visit this board more often so that everyone will be familiar, senior or freshman!



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   Maria , your posts were always the ones I looked forward to reading when I was first diagnosed over 2 and 1/2 years ago.  You are always so sweet and uplifting, I hope that we can give back to you as much as you have given so unselfishly.

   That is awesome about your granddaughters upcoming birthday! My grandchildren keep me going. My oldest Kaitlyn is eighteen and just helped me shave my head and tried to give me a teal Mohawk, just for a pic then off it comes. But I did run to the store with it, cancer is very freeing that is something I would never have done before not even on Halloween !

Keep us posted on this important party !


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I have not been on the board for most of a year---good to see your post.  We were back to back with chemo there for awhile.  I am finishing up my 4th year of it and getting a break until scan and dx coming up in July  My ca125 is 7 but it appears I am showing some signs of liver activity. I have felt great thru all my chemos and feeel very blessed.  Some fatigue is entering but a nap take care of that.  Our family has been wonderful and we have been active with them.  We are still able to go down to the Fla keys for winter, in fact I took a month of my chemo down there this season.  Glad to see you still have your spunk.  Stay in touch.  hello to all you new comers---great people come on here to post!!


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