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Second opinion

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O/K I need help, I have been on watchful waiting for 6 months when my PSA reached 3.7. That triggered a biopsy with a Gleason of 6

in one core, Now my PSA has been steadily increasing from 3.7 to 4.2 to 4.9 over the past 6 months. Going for a second biopsy next week

and heard about Bostwick Laboratories for a second opinion on the aggressive nature of the cancer. Last time I used John Hopkins. Does anyone know

if  Bostwick is a good source for a second opinion because this will trigger treatment. Anyone please answer.

hopeful and opt...
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Sloan Kettering has a website. There is a nonogram at this site that will measure the doubling time of your PSA's over time. You can consider a biopsy depending on the rate.

There is a PCA3 test that will also help indicate if you need a biopsy.

Bostwick is a World Class pathology lab. They will do an excellent job.

Posts: 33
Joined: Aug 2012

BTW Hopeful and opt,How are you doing

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