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This choice is not for everyone

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My body cant handle this drugs. My weight alone has gone over 300lbs and the docs yell at me Dont tell me a dietain ot exerize been there I gain more on the meds. It is a quailty of life issue. I have gone from working 7 days a week on call to nothing to barely getting out of bed . To much pain to much damage done from the meds that were tried . When my body says enough enough the se`s are to much for me to handle. I need to enjoy the rest of my life. My diet thanks to be hormone postive is very small . With what i eat should should be about 120 not over 300lbs. I havent given up . But in my case the doc cant do anything more for me because I cant handle their meds right . I trying a naturalpath . So Far so good. I had blood sugar going the wrong way to high once the drugs stop their heading to normal. Next is I hope the weight starts to come off. Thanks to the drugs tried my jiont are gone to far damage. I went from 3 to four while taking their meds it did work for me.

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Posts: 178
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The docs wont give out sleeping meds . This no sleep has been for over a year.

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I was just wondering if you have asked your doctor if you could take melotonin?  My doctor has prescribed that to me, and it helps somewhat, I still have trouble staying asleep, but, it helps from time to time.  Sleep is very important to our immune system.

I laugh when I preach to others about sleep, when I can't sleep sometimes past 3:00 am, I get up for like an hour, watch tv, or read, and go back to bed for 3 or 4 hours.

As far as weight gain, well I lost like 21 pounds during my surgery and 12 day stay at the hospital last year, but, so much for that, I am fighting to just stay at the weight that started out at prior to my surgery.  the meds make me gain too, hang in there.

My nurse told me that I am not going to have the body that I did in my thirties. lol because of everything my body has gone thru with this cancer.  The important thing is that you walk as much as you can, if you can, or do some kind or muscle toning in the house,  I do some muscle toning exercises while I am watching tv, or at least during the commercials while watching a movie.

Take Care, Stay Strong,


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Double Whammy
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It sounds like you've been dealing with some really difficult side effects and had to make some tough decisions.  I hate this disease so much and am so sorry you've come to this crossroad.  Please let us know how you're doing and I pray you will have a much much better quality of life.  Please do still connected with your oncologist as well as the naturopathic doc.  I'm pleased to see that you are not giving up, but doing what you feel is best for you.


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Only we can make decisions knowing our body best over anyone else, we live in it.  I wish you luck on the natural path.  Once off the hormonal some of my joints came back to normal, don't give up yet on yours.  On Femara, my knees where a huge problem, now I don't even think of them.  I do take Gabapentin which helps me with my arm pain.  I can't live without it. 

We make the best choice for us and I do really, really wish you well.

Best to you,



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Sounds like you have tried most of the meds, too.  I gained a lot on Tamoxifen, to the point that they considered it toxic to my system.  The good part was once they stopped it I dropped about 30 lbs in less than a month, they figured it was mostly fluid retention which affected my joints, and everything else.  But it did get better after a few months.  I too have not been able to tolerate a lot of the meds, but keep on trying. 

I wish you the best with the holistic route...  it apparently works for some, and I agree at this point that your quality of life is every bit as important as the quantity.  I am still fighting the weight issue and I never had a problem with weight pre-cancer.  However, with all the meds, limited activity due to the pain, etc.  I have made it a point to do something everyday, even a short walk just to make me feel better. 

Keep us posted.



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We are not here to JUDGE - but, to lend you our support, and LOVE.  This is your decision -, no doubt about it.  I have not walked in your shoes, so I feel I do not have the right to judge you. 

What I do know is that you are a fighter, and Survivor.  You are newly married with a husband that adores and loves you.  We here on our Board adore you as well.

Hoping that your Oncologist or Specialist can offer you an alternative med that will kill the beast -.  I have no idea about you insurance - do they allow a 2nd or 3rd opinion?  Is there a Clinical trial you can qualified for in your area.

My prayers, positive thoughts, and heart goes out to you dear Sister.

Strength, Courage and HOPE.

Vicki Sam

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