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Good news and not so bad news ;-)

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Apparently my insurance company will approve afinitor, but only if I am on aromasin and not femara.  Since femara and aromasin are both aromatase inhibitors and very similar, I don't have a strong opinion one way or another. 

So, the great news is that I think approval for afinitor is pending.  However, I would be lying if I didn't confess to being scared silly about afinitor.  I know it is going to be a tough drug to take.  Praying that it works!

New Flower
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FDA approved it with Aromasin only , nothing can be done about it at this ttime

good luck

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I think if you had already used Aromasin and it failed, then another aromatase inhibitors might be used.  I think I've read other using other AI.  However, Aromasin is a good drug, a little different than it's cousins Femara and Arimidex.

It might not proper or I feel it isn't to toot another site on here but if you go to the SEARCH at bcmets.org and put in the term "Aromasin and Afinitor" you should come up with 50 pages of posts on the topic.  Some of the gals were in the BOLEDO trial and did well on it.  I read a lot on that METS web site run by a Canadian whose 1st wife died of IBC and started the web page as at the time there was no breast cancer place that dealth with metastasis only.  You will find both pros and cons on Aromasin & Afinitor. 

I plan on using this eventually.  Wish I could use the combo now but the cancer will figure it out at this time and I don't want to waste a good opportunity.  





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It is good to hear that your insurance company has agreed to cover Afinitor for you - kind of. I hope that taking Aromasin is agreeable with your doctor. Somehow it doesn't seem right that when fighting a life threatening disease anyone should have to do battle with their insurance company. We are all praying that it works.


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I took Afinitor for a while, (with Exemestane) and it wasn't bad at all.  It did spike my blood sugar and that was no fun trying to keep up with but that was it.  I felt really good while I was on that.

I hope its just as easy for you only with no blood sugar spike :)




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I have never tried aromasin--just arimidex.  My doctor has prescribed the aromasin now and afinitor should be coming and that is fine with me.  Anything to battle the beast!!!

Anyone else with liver mets have trouble with nausea?  I have been feeling pretty queasy off and on.  Yesterday we went to the Audubon Zoo with Katherine, Aaron and sweet Bella.  I just took 1/2 zofran every 8 hrs and was ok. Today I am trying to avoid the zofran but (Lol) I feel like I did when I was pregnant.  Any suggestions?

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I also wanted to add - that I am sending you gentle hugs, love and prayers. 


You are so cherished ---  Vicki Sam 

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Double Whammy
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Hope this works well for you and you get started on the Affinitor asap.  Any word on the biopsy?

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thinking of you and praying for minimal side effects and maximum results!!! Love you CC

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