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Gift for a Cancer Patient

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Me, a 10 year survivor of ovarian cancer (did I mention I had clear cell?)


Ever been asked what to give as a gift to a cancer patient? There are so many times a cancer patient has something to celebrate.


Let’s start with each day we awake to a new day. Now that’s something to celebrate!


How about when we have good results from a CT scan or PET scan? Those are big days to celebrate.


How about when we have good blood lab results? These are great days to celebrate too.


How about the big day when we have our last chemo treatment? It is a bitter-sweet day. The last day of chemo is a day to celebrate and yet a day of unusual feelings of loss. We no longer get to visit with our chemo nurses or our chemo buddies. What had become a regular event, sort of a social visit, is now abruptly gone. It is nice to celebrate our last day of chemo. Some of us have a party in the chemo suite.


How about giving a memorable gift of jewelry to celebrate chemo graduation? I have designed and created one of a kind pieces of jewelry perfect for this occasion. While you share my creations with your loved ones, you will also send the message of hope. I am surviving ovarian cancer – for more than 10 years now. If I can do it, so can she! Give her this gift of hope. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied with a bookmark for reach type of semi-precious stone used in the piece. On the back of each bookmark, I share my story of surviving ovarian cancer since 2002.


Please visit my store and see my creations http://shop.spotmany.com/  Remember each one is created by me, a 10 year survivor of ovarian cancer (did I mention I had clear cell?) - with my own two hands, and loaded with love.


I’m alive…period!™

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I mistook the post above for spam and almost flagged it. So glad I didn't.

When I followed the link to SpotMany website and later did some googling, I found something I did not expect to find: an truely inspirational story of a 10-year survivor and an ovarian cancer activist Janet Kempe. And some nice jewelry too.

Many more healthy years to you, Janet!

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