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Postcard from Hallwangen Germany Goodnews CEA down to 6.3

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I am still away on holidays from CSN so.

Just a quick postcard from Germany, its snowing, we built a snowman today my first, its supposed to be spring but the winter is hanging on.

Oh and my good news cea down to 6.3 from 12 in 2 weeks, and CA 199 down to 52 from 75

It looks like my second course of removab has worked like the first. 

On each course of removab I have had a CEA spike.

I am very pleased this was not the beginning of an upward trend.

Its likely this is the beginning of another downward series of CEA scores, the last series lasted 4 months and was interrupted by the second treatment.

Just google REMOVAB and peter trayhurn. Its a trifunctional antibody that seems to work well for some cancer patients. We have a few from here trying it over the next few months.

I am not on CSN any more still on holidays, but I thought a few of you who were interested in my non conventional story re my search for effective alternative therapies would like to know my latest news.

Of course I am only speaking from my personal experiences, which over the last two half years have been devouted to finding my cure for colorectal cancer.

If you have any queries about removab, dendtritic cell vaccines, ketogenic diets and exercise and meditation and enemas and yoga and qigong and supplements PM me.

I am an advocat for immunotherapies and non conventional treatment. that will change when effective therapies are available in a conventional setting.

For those newbies I was diagnosed stage 4 with mets to my liver,  peritoneam and lung and my prognosis indicated I would see God sooner than I planned. Now I still plan to meet God in person one day along way away, actually I talked to him daily. I think he likes my conversation but does not want my company just yet! 

Of course these are just my opinions.

Good luck with your treatments.



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So happy to see your post. Congratulations on the CA and CEA. Wonderful news. Happy to hear that you're doing well. Thanks for the update. Please keep them coming.


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just the man, congrats mate, did you ever come across this stuff in your travels? 

Methyl Jasmonate

Looking for a quality source.

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I would source it from one of the chemical conpanies that provide it for research etc. For example:

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Pete, We are glad you are on the mend!  It is also good to hear you are doing better.


Keep the ideas and alternative therapies coming.   My latest reads have been about Mushrooms. Maitake, shitake and PSP mushrooms have shown great promise.  Adding slightly cooked mushrooms to the diet of Stomach and Colon cancer patients made the chemo work better, 98% of patients had a remission versus the standard 45% with just chemo.   Then the Doctors decided to lessen the doseage of Chemo to the patients and the patients added mushrooms to their diet. They found exceptionally chemo illness and the same 98% remission.   Let's say this was a hand picked control group.  Even then mushrooms can not hurt one. I happen to love mushrooms.  If adding mushrooms can add 5% better remission, I am in.  (Sheishedo Univeristy, Japan)


Best Always,  mike

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I'll see you April 16 if you are in the clinic that day.  If not, sometime between then and may 8th.


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So great that your CEA is dropping again.

I'll bet you were like a kid in the snow. Not much of that in Australia.  LOL

Just keep on keepin' on, my friend.



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tedd have u done a test to see what your epCam status is?
Removab works the best with epCam overexpressing cancers. Mine is hence why am keen to try Removab. I arrive at Hallwang on April 27th and start treatments from 29th.

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No but I expect that will be done when I get to hallwang as the rgcc tests are not readily available here in the USA. 

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getting rgcc done is easy. email them, they will send a test kit by courier. get the blood drawn and send it back to them using their DHL account. U'll have the results by the time u arrive at hallwang. will speed things up for u too.

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congrats - you and Tedd have to upload a pic of the two of you, if youre both there at the same time

- Karin

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Glad to hear things are going well Pete!

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Karin, my thoughts too, a group photo of the three of you in Germany!!    Good going Pete, downward is good.  

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Congratulations Pete an good luck to all of you who are going to Germany.

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so glad to get your postcard!!!  wow- glad to hear things are going really good for you. take care

prayers & hugs


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I appreciate you are having a holiday from ACS which is understandable and healthy but still great to hear your news. I hope you find a way to come back to the site in a way that works for everyoneas feel you benefit from it and others from you.

All the best,



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hey Pete!


Great news; wish you the best and still better news


Congrats; keep coming back please.



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Thanks for the update Pete!!  You are and have akways inspired me..thanks again..sean  flyguide

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