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New Fella with questions.

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Don't really know how to start sooo I guess the beginnig.  My name is Chris and Im 35 been in the Mil for 15 yrs working on jets. 1 day i woke up with orchitis and thay did a CT scan on me and than came the CALL. U all know the one Im talking about haha. Anyway went to see the Onc at Virtua and he seemed very capable. I have a 1.6cm by 1.6cm mass on left kidney with no metasis. At first i was scared as hell until I found this site and realized A: Im not alone... and B: I should be gratefull for catching it so early. The people are amazing on this site and that has helped  me allot also. However Im worried for a couple of reasons. First of all they didn't order me a bone scan or brain scan. I had 2 ct scans and an MRI of the pelvic area and that showed no spread. My main concern is when i excercise. Mainly when I do cardio i do fine run as long as i want. Afterward i get groin pain....well discomfort for 2 days until it finally goes away. I tried to contact my Onc but als i can get is his nurse..figs right. Anyway she says that I just have to wait till I talk to the surgeon on Apr 5th. Should i just take it easy till surgery? One more thing can I have a few BEERS ! Thank u all......Life sure does throw some curveballs....but Im gonna hit this 1 outta of the park ;)

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Everthing sounds like you will soon be on your way to a full recovery from  the surgery alone. Now that you have had your diagnosis you may be more conscious of the pains. Unless the doc says no, a beer or two should be OK. For a treat my wife took me to a B and B on the Canadian side of Lake Huron. We went to the local British Pub where all the meals were diplayed including the Kidney Pie. I avoided the Kidney Pie.

 Once you get over the initiation, you should be Cancer free.


As for the scans the only one I ever had before or after the surgery was a lung x=ray as that is where Kidney.Cancer first metastisises. If the chest x=ray is fine no need to worry about thse progressions down the line which I have never heard of with a 1.6cm little buggar.



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Hi Cran,

I am sorry that we have to welcome you here but trust me everyone here knows exactly how you feel.  I am 10 weeks post op of a radical left nephrectomy.  You are right no you are not alone and yes very lucky that it has been caught early.  That is exactly what I kept telling myself when I found out.  Its hard to stay positive some days but you are entitled to feel scared and honestly the fear of the unknown is the worst.  This is a great place to come just to talk and vent.  You don't have too long to wait til you speak with your surgeon and you will find out what plan they have for you.  And yes absolutely have a few beers ;-)

Eims x

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Hi Chris,

The affect "You have cancer and you need surgery" has on a person is profound, I heard it 3 1/2 years ago, it has been and will always be my constant companion.  Its hard to feel grateful during the rush of emotions you are going through, but you'll get there.  It was caught very early, you have a tiny mass, about the size of a grape, and the risk that it has spread is too small to measure.  The course of action may be a wait and see approach and "IF" it grows remove it then.  You may be a good candidate for RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) or CA (Cryo-Ablation) two less invasive procedures.  If surgery is the choice a partial nephrectomy seems likely.  You have time, you have many options, and once this is behind you you'll get back to a "normal" life where that grateful feeling takes the place of the fear.  There is virtually no chance that the groin pain is related other than pushing yourself a bit too hard because you know its there so take a breath, calm yourself, concentrate on that lovely family, and soon this will all be behind you.  Oh and have a couple beers for me while you're at it, you are going to be fine.  Keep us posted.

Good luck and Godspeed,


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Just wanted to say hi. It is good you caught it early and I would like to echo what Gary has said about other procedures that might be good for you besides radical nephrectomy since your tumor is small (like a partial or even just the active surveillance option). At present, they are saying it's a mass and not a likely tumor?

Prior to my surgery I only had the CT of abdomen/pelvis with and without contrast and a chest X-ray. Post surgery I had a CT of chest/abdomen and pelvis and a bone scan, but that was because they had found something on my femur and wanted to have a closer look. From what I understand, met to brain is not likely first and brain scans are usually only done after finding mets in other places. Lungs are the most common second site followed by bone, then other places including the brain. (I skipped nearby lymph nodes, which are common first sites also.)

I like my surgeon's website as it goes over the different types of masses and also different options available. Have a look. http://www.kidneycancerinstitute.com/ I'd first check out "What is a kidney mass?" before even reading the other information on the website. He's got videos and references on the website as well. It's a pretty good "quick" introduction to our problem.

Where did they say the mass is located? We often get stuck on size here on the site, but just like in real estate, with tumors it's also location, location, location. :)


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Good post Todd.  Liver is also a possibility for an early met site, depending to some extent on stage.

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Thank you all for the replies. Very greatly appreciate. They are calling it a small renal mass. It is located in the meat of the kidney at the top. So what I'm looking at is a robotic partial. However I don't talk the surgeon till Apr 5th. Just repeating what the Onc was thinking. Again thanks all for the replies. I seem to be getting little burning pains in my back? Prob in my head though. The surgery can't get here soon enough not nervous about it at all. It's gonna be the 3 month and 6 month where I'll be chewing on the furniture.

Bringing the family to Vt. Happy Easter every1.

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You've heard from some terrific people here! They gave me heart when I find out and I think they have done the same for you.  I am two weeks away from my surgery and feel more confident now, as a result of the good advice I have gotten here, than I have in a long time.

Keep us posted!


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