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I know that I am only a few weeks out of treatment but some things are different this time.  The first time I had radiation, my nose ran for months after treatment, Kleenex everywhere.  This time radiated higher, I think sinus was involved.  I smell things that are not there and gag very easily and things that I liked before are horrible now.  The right side of my face is pretty much numb so I don't even know what is happening with my right nostril.  I did have an abcess in my maxillary sinus in the middle of treatment and had to go in for another surgery.  Just curious.  I know we are all different.

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Ingrid K
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Hi there

same here

After radiation I could smell things a mile away.  It has gotten a little more back to normal (2 years later), but I still smell things that aren't there and certain smells make me very nauseas.....I even have to leave the room sometimes.  The worst thing is pickles for some reason.

I think I mentioned a few months back that I can smell so good now that I can give our golden retriever a run for his money.  I can literally smell a skunk odor inside the house from the street behind.....and everywhere I go I smell people with bad breath. (Probably not, but it smells bad to me)

On the nose running, every time I eat something my nose runs.  I don't leave the house without a pocket full of Kleenex.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery !


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KTeacher, Since I have been NED, 12yrs knock on wood, I have had serious dry mouth and over the max on post nasal drip. I had NPC III I don't know if that had to do with it. My nose ran like mad when I ate. I developed dyshagia recently and still keeping tissues in buisness now with phlem to thick to swallo and not allowed food or fluids. I always had a good sniffer, but definitely increased after tx was over. I think its that theory, when you lose one sense God increases another. My rt side of face is still somewhat numb from partial neck dissection, its a "pia" when I get an itch and can't feel myself scrathing it so it goes on for while. I look

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