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Afinitor and Aromacin New meds....

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Hello, I am Fawn a 36 yr old with stage 4 breast to bone cancer.  I am about to go on to new meds starting April 1 and I am looking for anyone who has taken them or is now taking them.  Afinitor/Aromacin.  I hear there is a LOT of side effects and I am worried.  Is there anyone out there that can help me?  I feel so isolated and in the dark.  I now have extreme bone pain and I am sick to my stomach almost everyday.  I am hoping that the new medicines help.

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All meds have side effects.  If you go to bcmets.org a web page for mets only and put the words in SEARCH you will find many women there who have used it and what they had to say.  Everyone has different side effects so take it all with a grain of salt.

I believe Camul (Carol)  used one of the drugs and Cypress Cynthia might be doing Femara and Afinitor next.  

It's on my list but after 18 years of hormonal drugs, my cancer needs a break from them, so I am doing chemo.  In the Bolero trial which they used that combo people had a long time with them.  Don't be afraid of them, I wish I was on that combo now.

Hopefully someone will answer you, I can't remember who did what after a while. (LoL)

Best to you,



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I was on this combination for 30 days and had an allergic reaction along with some nasty side effects, but this was my also my 4th chemo combo so my immune system was pretty well shot by the time I started it. 

Hopefully you will hear from someone who was on it longer.  Wish you the best.


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sorry, double post

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Hi!  I was on that combination for about 3 months.  It wasn't bad for me at all.  It did cause my blood sugar to spike and that was no fun to try to keep up with, but other than that, it was really easy for me,  did a GREAT job at slowing progression dramatically and probably could have reversed progression if we had started sooner. 

Oh I hope it is easy and effective for you too! 


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