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I had the appointment with the oncologist for the 6 month post radiation (3 post chemo) follow-up this morning, and everything was normal. During the exam the oncologist reviewed the H&N MRI performed 1 week before (I didn’t know the results until this morning) and scoped the areas involved.

I was really worried, not that I had any particular reasons (other than having cancer before ;-)), but it was hard not to think of “what if…”

It looks like all the trouble (having the treatment, with all the present and future side effects) was worth it.


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Wonderful news!!  Don't we love those words, huh?  An added dimension to the definition of the word relief.....Damn rights it's hard not to think of "what if"....we've already heard those words once....

Congrats on the great news.


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wtg, always love it when ned shows up!!

God bless,


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such good news and yes it is what makes the tx worth it, keep up the good work.

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I often say it is easy to lose sight of the objective during tx when you are just trying to make it thru the day and then when you hear the words NED it all becomes worthwhile.

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Good results, it made my day a bit brighter, congratulations.



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So happy for you getting to meet Ned ! Congradulations ! Go out and celebrate !


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Good for you!

Congratulations, go out have dinner celebrate your success and your life. If you stay active with your docs you will stay ahead of any side effects, that was the mistake I made. Praise God!

Rachel :-)

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Ingrid K
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Yay, happy dance

NED is in the house....and this time it's YOUR HOUSE !!


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NED is a great friend! May he stay close to you for years to come!

God Bless,


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Happy for you tonight!!!!  :)



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That is wonderful Corleone, it is always uplifting to hear someone has beaten the beast. Thank you for sharing your good news and congratulations

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Congrats on meeting NED! Hope you had a great visit and you get to meet him on a regular basis from now on!


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Thank you everyone for your kind words.

For those that are just beginning, or in the middle of the battle, should now there is life (and a pretty damn good one) after that.

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congratulations..   I had major anxiety last week about my 1 year scan which is ok.  Ann

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Great news!! So happy for you!! Enjoy it!! I wish you many more NEDs in the future!!

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D Lewis
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Because NED is so worth it! So happy to hear your news.


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Great work! Keep it up!

Congratulations, so very happy for you!


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