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Help with Negative Thinking and Anxiety

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I just wanted to share a resource that helped me so much when I was dealing with worry and anxiety before, during and after treatment.  Guided imagery helped me focus on positive thoughts and visualization and the affirmations were so helpful when I just couldn't focus on the positive.  I used the cancer imagery, the imagery to help with sleep, worry and general wellbeing.  Wishing you every happiness, Peace and hope!  Perhaps this could help you ... there are many sites, this is a good one:




This link takes you to some of the cancer-specific resources:



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Thank you very much for posting these links. As I continue battling cancer, it becomes more and more difficult to stay in the moment and think forward. I find myself playing the movie of my life over and over, as if I could rewrite the ending. Though the clock has always been ticking, I sometimes hear nothing else these days. I am going to give these sites a try.

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