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Intro--encouragement offered

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Hello, everyone!


I am new to this board. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 granulosa cell oc two years ago this week. I had a total hysterectomy and three rounds of chemo (5 days/wk, then off for two). I am getting my port out on Thursday. 

Even though the type of cancer I had has a tendency to return, so far I have been NED. I just wanted to give people hope who are struggling through chemo. I am 98% back to normal now. My fingers and toes go numb easily in the cold, but the brain fog, the intolerance for salmon and all the other weird side effects are gone. Well, my hair is still curly, but I don't mind! (It was straight before chemo). 





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Glad you found us!  Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging journey with us.  I'm so glad you are NED and that most of the side effects are gone.  My last chemo ended two years ago yesterday and I too have been NED that whole time.  Funny thing about the hair.  Mine has a very soft texture now; before chemo it was very coarse and straight, but I'm fine with it.

Praying that you dance with NED forever!


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Congrats on being NED!

I had to laugh at your mention of your intollerence to salmon along with all the other more serious side effects.  I also had odd taste things happen.  Things I used to like I could no longer tollerate etc.  For me being on chemo has been  an odd, almost daily discovery of side effects and how they effect me.  We can read all we want about the side effects of the drugs we are taking but don't really know what we are in store for until we experience it. Some of them really bad and some are more just "Really? This too?!!!  I have cancer and all this crap to deal with and now I can't even do such and such or eat such and such etc.?"

One day I told my husband that I felt like a science experiment.  I compared myself to a lima bean to be specific.   Lima beans were the subject of a science experiment we did when I was a kid in elementary school.  We put lima beans in baggies and set them in different locations - in the window, under the sink, in the fridge etc.  Then we logged the progress or status of the beans and how they grew in the different environments.  Thus the connection to my daily discovery of side effects and how they effected me. 

Is cancer more serious than lima beans?  Absolutely.  But for some reason this has just seemed like a fitting analogy to me - in an odd since of humor sort of way. 

Congratulations again and enjoy your renewed health - and curly hair!



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