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Diagnosed 1/19/13 colonoscopy. Surgery 2/19/13 stage 3 Grade 3 rectosigmoid cancer. 1 node out of 21 positive T2N1. All scans prior to surgery looked good.  Beginning Xeloda 4000 mg 2 weeks on 1 week off.  I was scared taking the pills this morning 4 am 4 pm total. Have read some positive stories and scary stories regarding this medication.  Anyone with experience on this med, currently this is the only med prescribed and no radiation. do the side effects start slowly or hit quickly? I am very anxious to get back to work (mostly financial reasons) 2 kids college 1catholic HS. And wondering if I will be able to work.

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    Usually the side effects are

    Usually the side effects are additive over time.  The body is building a toxicity with the chemo. 


    I am sending my thoughts and prayers for a great outcome!


    Best Always,  mike

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    Dan....I have been on xeloda twice - 8 rounds last year and I just started my 4th round Saturday. I find xeloda manageable in comparison to the other chemo drugs I have been on. I do a few things to offset the side effects. I take zofran for nausea and lomotil for bowels 1/2hour before I take the xeloda. I also use body butter or utterly smooth on hands and feet twice a day to try and avoid the hand and foot syndrome. I have never had problems with hand and foot syndrome and I don't know if the lotion has anything to do with it or just lucky. You may feel a bit fatigued but should be able to function. Chemo effects everyone differently and the side effects usually increase with time. I can only tell you about my own experience, others will chime in with theirs. Best of luck and any questions, please ask. Don't be scared to take the pills, be afraid not to take them!!!! Sending positive thoughts your way.... ~ Ann

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    Everyone is different but

    Everyone is different but Xeloda is about as mild as it gets with side effects.  Infusion 5fu tends to be worse but I have minimal side effects with that.  Best of luck and take the meds!


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    Thanks for the support!!

    Hoping for the best, trying to stay positive! 


    Thanks and God Bless,