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High blood sugar with ABVD, Happen to anyone.

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After my 3rd ABVD, my blood sugar shot up to 315. My family Dr putt me on type2 diabetes medcation. did it happen to anyone, will I be dependent on the diabetic medication after the chemo is over.

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Hi Bill.  My blood sugar went up slightly during treatment but not a lot. I think steroids (prednisone) can cause "situational diabetes" and it is usually temporary but I'd check with your doctor.  Evidently some people are more sensitive in this way.  I hope it is only temporary.  Keep us updated.

Hugs - Jim

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Posts: 118
Joined: Jan 2013

Mine at 240 right now with medication, it's been like this all week.

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Hi Bill,

I didn't have the same chemo as you but I'm dealing with diabetes. It started last year not sure what caused it but now I have to take Metformin. I do take other medicines so its really hard to tell in my case!  This cancer is just causing of a lot of issues for me, before my dx I was feeling fine, no high sugar, cholesterol or pain. Hope you get it under control and get rid of it after you're done with chemo. Take care



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