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nothing can be done!

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Dear All


i am typing this with tears, my dad cancer has replease and there no more chemo or drug for him now. i don know what will happen in future, i am scare and worry. the cancer has spread to his lung and liver and accordingly to the Doc, he will feel more weak, more bloated more yellow in future and could lead to liver failure. 

sorry i just don know wat to say now..




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I'm sorry Joeline ...if it is any help, all on this board (especially the caretakers) know how you feel...and we care.

I don't know the future but I believe in miracles and as a father of five I know your Dad is just as concerned for you as you are for him...

Whispered a prayer for comfort and a miracle as I hit the submit button.


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Sorry to hear the news.  But I know that once it has spread that the only thing left is chemo which can only prolong and not cure.  My husband is going thru the same thing right now.  As his caregiver, I know how you feel.  Just enjoy each day as it comes and do whatever your father wishes.  Just remember no one knows what the future holds or how long we have but the man upstairs.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your father during this time.


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Prayers your way...

Spend as much qualirt time as you can, and hang on to those memories...

Thoughts & Prayers,


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my thots and prayers are with you and your dad.

God bless,


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My thoughts and prayers are with you, your Dad and your family. If it is Gods plan to bring him home may he do it painlessly.

I am so sorry,


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I'm sorry you must endure this sadness. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. 


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I am very sorry.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad.

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Dear all

Thanks all. With all yr prayer and thought. it's made me stronger. I try to lead life as normal as possible. Enjoy the time with my dad. May god bring him Home without pain.


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I am sorry for you and your family, this is heart breaking news.


Prayers and peace,



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You are in my prayers.  So sorry to hear this.  Read about low does naltrexone.  It has prolonged people's life with late term cancer.   Ann

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Peace and prayers be with you during these times of trial and tribulation.


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Hi Joeline,

I am new to this site and you are my first posting. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad but I do have a suggestion for you...Make sure you get Hospice services. This will ensure the best quality of life for your Dad and the more comfortable he is, the longer he will have the will to live. I used to be a Hospice nurse and have lost 2 parents to cancer so I know where you are and can empathize. Also Hospice will be a help to you and your family whether Dad stays home with family caregivers or somewhere else. God Bless.

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