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Get my results tomorrow from my CT scan / swelling in neck

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Hey all,


I guess I had kind of the same thing civil Matt did recently.  My neck below my ear has a bit of swelling, can't really call it a lump, but noticable puffy :) ...does not hurt, does not seem hard, but semi-hard and I had some ear pain, not continous but shooting pains off and on real sharp...but none the last few days, the ear pain just lasted a day, then gone.

So we moved my scheduled scan up by 3 weeks.  I get to do my scans in the city I live now so I don't have to travel 100 miles to Boise :)  They also did a lung scan this time ever since my first scan of the lungs 2 times ago showed some granulated glass and some spots ...then the next scan showed clearing up of those spots.

Anyway...appreciate the praeyers and keeping me in your positive thoughts / tucked in for tomorrow.




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I want you to have a nice clean scan results tomorrow, I would expect no less.  What I want to know is what you are eating; you seem to have boundless energy.


By the way, I saw your first post to Laralyn and your second post, you were not dreaming you did do it.  I have no idea what happened.


Maybe the scan will show a Big Mac then your secret will be out.


Best of scans,



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I'll be keeping you, as well as my daughter, in my thoughts tomorrow. She also sees her onc for scan results and to determine when her chemo will restart.

Keeping the faith.



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Positive thoughts and prayers!


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4 months out and i get similar ear pains your experiencing. Random jolts and then i get the TMJ type pains in the jaw. Have my appt tomorrow and i'll find out what doc has to say about it. Pretty sure it's that "gift" of rads.




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if you have me tucked in your pocket....and I tuck you into mine....a tangled mess?? Laughing  You got all my positive thoughts and prayers, today....I know it'll be a good report, I do. 

These darn rads offer up so many weird little things....it's no wonder we get "puckered" half the time (your little description makes me smile every time I think about it).


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Ingrid K
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wishing you all clear on your next scan(s).  As much as we all hate the anxiety, perhaps it is necessary to keep us on our toes and every vigilant to check out any and all new symptoms.

Send prayers for all good news. 

You and Phrannie are both up to bat this week and will both hit C out of the park!


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I'm keeping you tucked in my pocket of prayers. I'm sure everything will be just fine. Laughing


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Tim, are you sure you haven't joined the Turkey Neck Club without realizing it.... Could be the lymphatic fluids lack of draining causing that puffed neck.... Or..., another thought, as you like to hunt...

Ummm, you aren't on the rutt are you..., caught that big buck neck thing going on...

Hoping for some good news and a bit of rest on your anxiety...

Thoughts & Prayers,


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Why did I not see this yesterday? I just said a little prayer that all will be well. Please keep us posted, NED NED NED......that's my little cheer for you

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I am saying prayers for you today, I hope that your doctor keeps it' short and sweet - NED.

I hope that Skiffin has it pegged as "a turkey wobbler"... my best to you :)



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You are in Dianes and my prayers, would put you in my pocket but wearing sweat pants today so the prayer will have to do.  I told you before you have been such an inspiration to me and others on this site and we have enjoyed all your post, and your loving prayer chain which so many asked for, your at the top of my list, so will wait for the all clear.

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timKeep titian, keep in mind that there are more reasons other than C that show up on a CT. I am confident that your scan will reveal good news.

positive thoughts an good mojo is on the way.


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Prayers and good thoughts. I started having some tenderness just to the front of my ear and below which I asked my radiologist about recently. he was not at all concerned. I also had what I was concerned might be a lymph node but he said it was scar tissue, he said a lymph node would feel more like a grape. Nevertheless, I'll be glad to get my scan 04/01 for peace of mind. I think we are so aware of the slightest change that we suffer undo concern. I pray your scan is all good.

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Waiting to hear how it went.  Tell me if it's getting too warm in my pocket, and I'll put a teensy little air conditioner in there.


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hope all goes well with your scans



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