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Scanxiety today....

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scan tomorrow morning at 8:45....then probably two days wait to hear the results.  I sure can get myself into a dither....Embarassed.  Not so much thoughts rolling thru my head, but a knot in my gut that makes sleep, eating, even thinking clearly hard to do.  Keep catching myself holding my breath, too....which makes me dizzy!   The whole thing is, this is just a CT of my neck (or that's what the paperwork says)....and I go to the ENT every month, who sees nothing, feels nothing.  I want them to look at the places nobody can see...my lungs, my head....for that matter...my liver.  When the next scan time rolls around I'm gonna insist on a PET.....knees to the top of my head.

Just tuck me into your pockets.....that's all I ask.  Wish I wasn't so neurotic....I never used to be.

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hope you don't mind sharing it with a few pens and maybe some dryer lint....

Good luck..I still am confused on CT or Pet Scan ( I got 2 one before tx, and 1 after) or MRI.
I saw Dr Gingrich (the new doc in that practice) and she is doing Chest CT and MRI of head and neck for my next scheduled scans. ( I think I am going to start being just an annual exam this spring, can't remember)

I think I would like one Head Neck and chest MRI once a year..

In any case sending you good vibes and virtual hugs!!



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Got you tucked!

When they view the neck scan, many times they can see just the top of the two lungs, that's how hey spotted my "crushed glass" appearance which then required me to go back and have a full lung scan. So maybe you can ask about that. 


I had my neck and lung scan this past Thursday - I get the results Monday.  I used to get the results the same day but now I have the option of getting my scans in my small town rather than travel to Boise 109 miles to the south.

I'm with you on the scans.  However, insurance protocols (most anyway) follow the NCIS guidlines which basically say only a scan if their is a "symptom" to merit such a scan.

However, you could pay for your own X-ray of the lungs which would cost less than $500.00 ...and the peace of mind is worth it in my opinion (I know x-rays don't show a lot of things, but they would show some spots large enough to merit a scan) ....


Since my last tx back in Jan. 2012 I have had several CT's a brain MRI, chest X-ray and now 2 CT's of the lungs as well as my monthly to bi-monthly scope from my ENT & my oncologist.  They offerd me zanax (sp) a couple of times the first 6 months after my last tx becasue I was sooooo persistant and puckered about everything ...I've gotten much better.

However, much like Civil Matt just experienced the reason for my CT  being done about  3 weeks before it was due is because I have some swelling under my left ear, cloe to the place where my lymph node had cancer ...it's not really a lump I guess, but noticable swelling .......that along with the serious joint pain in my elbows makes me a bit more alert and back to my puckered self...so the oncologist allowed the scan early ...and I see him tomorrow, Monday.

Hang in there....your'e certainly looking great and sound like you are doing good ....I'm sure your scan will be fine ....whispered a prayer before I hit post that all is well...I'd tell you to relax...but you know what?  That's just our new normal for awhile and that's okay ....anyone can understand why we are all cautious and prudent :)



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I have a nice pocket for you.  I just had it scanned and it is all clean.  Look at Lola does she seem worried?  Well you shouldn’t be either.


Sleep tight little munchkin, scanxiety is temporary (I know, we all know).



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Stop holding your breath! You won't look good with a blue face. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you. Everything will be good!



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it truly does help.  You didn't have to clean out your pocket, Matt....I live on a farm and am used to finding all kinds of stuff in pockets...though it would be hard to get comfortable around a bunch of nuts and bolts...LOL.  

The only symptoms I have are the ones that magically appeared the day they told me my scan date (amazing how the mind goes into overdrive....little sore throat, come and go ear aches, a ping, a pang in my chest...all just from hearing a date).  No swellings, no puffiness....thank gawd my mind doesn't have that much power. 

I'm working the graveyard shift tonight, so will be nice and sleepy when they throw on the warmed blanket in the morning. 

Tim, I like your description....all puckered......that's me to a tee...Laughing

Lola never gets worried...ha!


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Warm blanket ?? You're lucky , They didn't even give me a blanket ! Lol Hoping you are on your way home by now and that soon you will be as relaxed as lola is in this picture !


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Jazzy see's absolutely nothing wrong with Lola having to stretch out and kick back a little...



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Will be praying for a NED for you Phrannie. I don't know how anyone can avoid the scanxiety, it anyone ever finds a way please pass it on. I am sure you will be all clear! Will be waiting on the good news!

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Hi P,

You've posted that you weigh in at less than 100lbs. I see you've been tucked into a lot of pockets so far! I'm wonderning if there's enough left to put into another pocket? ;)~ 
I'll take that pinky toe that's left and slip into the little pocket on the right side of my jeans that didn't really serve a purpose until now ;)

Positive thoughts and prayers.




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Positive mojo on the way! 


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Major mojo for good results on your scans. Like you I was or am concerned going from the PET to CT; having a complete top of head to knees vs just heand and neck made me feel more secure. However good ole insurance steps up and said no to the last PET scheduled saying it wasn't a medical necessity that a CT would suffice every 4 months...I could fight it but if my doctors go along with the CT it may be a mute point. I see my rad doc in a few weeks and will discuss the pros/cons of one over the other.



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Ingrid K
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Hey P --

by the time you read this, maybe you will be done with the scan already.

Try and take a deep breath--never easy at scan time, but I have a good feeling about this that all will be well.

Backing that up with a few prayers (Just in case)


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You most certainly are tucked into my pocket of prayers....you and Tim both! Try to stay relaxed...:)

Mrs. Sarge
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Tucked here too, Phrannie and Tim!  I wonder how long this scanxiety goes on, forever???  If this treatment was a "piece of cake", I'm sure we would all "breeze" through these scans, but the prospensity of recurrence horrifies us.  God help us all!!

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You are a cancer azz kicker, just remember that and Believe...

Prayers, John

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so you should be done with that scan already.  I wish the resuults could come back quickly for you !  I will be waiting to do the famous Phrannie dance around the kitchen with you !  Katie

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I'm sorry I just saw your post....I hope all of your anxiety is gone now that the scan is over. Nothing to worry about, you will meet Mr. NED!!

Keep us posted on your good news so we can help you celebrate!

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p, sending prayers that you will meet ned like a few others here lately. 

God bless,


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Sorry it took so long to reply I have been looking in everpocket I could find and found you were already tucked away with love and hope for and NED report.  Remember you only bought a one way ticket on the Bus so since you reached your destination others have taken your seat, so NED is your only option.  On a serious note you deserve it and you will have it, your good for all of us Ms.P51 so will watch for the good news.

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Phrannie I hope tomorrow you find all this anxiety saw as for not because Mr. NED came a knocking. 

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Waiting on the NED announcementSealed


And btw, in the South we call it "puckered at both ends" ....Laughing

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and wait....tho, just having the scan over is better....I actually slept this afternoon instead of waking up at 5:00 and staying awake till it was time to go to work.  Many of my symptoms have magically disappeared, too....LOL.  Thank you ALL for the "tucks"....it really does make a body feel better.

Tim....I'm going to be using that phrase for a long long time....it just makes me giggle.


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LOL, you should know that I can't let that slide....

If I use TUCKS, welll...ummmm, you're going to "end" up somewhere else other than my pocket...Foot in Mouth


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Phrannie, you're tucked in my pocket and I pray for your clean scan!! It is just goint to be clean because there's no other option Laughing.

You look good, you feel good, so what else could it be but only one big N E D !!!!

I know the waiting part is the hardest, but keep in mind that you'll be just fine, I just know it.

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I am sorry I took so long to respond, I have been praying and watching the two little monkeys(you and Billie) and hoping you both meet NED again. I feel so good that God will give you both just that!

My ockets aren't as snug do to weight loss from dyshpagia so I have plenty of room for all my sisters and brothers. Keep you positive upbeat tempo, you always have the right thing to say to people, you and John(skiffin) seem like the Welcome wagon for newbies, you were one of the first to respond to me. Smile and breathe and let us rejoice with u when NED knocks on your door!


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