Fast or slow growing cancer?

Is colon cancer slow growing? Just found out Wed and I think she is in stage 2 ( getting CT Monday to make sure). But is there time for a second opinion?


  • John23
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    AHelstrup –


    There is –always time- for a second and third and fourth opinion.


    Just make sure the opinions are from physicians that are not affiliated with one another.


    Colorectal surgeons should be the priority of choice.


    Stage one or two is of no comfort; it’s best to have the cancer surgically removed if at all possible, and that option should be decided by a competent colorectal surgeon.


    This is the beginning of her journey and she should be taking her time and learning about her options, not panicking and allowing fear to drive her into a corner. She needs your support and for you to be her advocate.


    Best wishes,




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    Colon cancers are typically
    Colon cancers are typically slow growing, but there are exception depending on the specific mutation. Once you get to stage 4 however, mets can develop and grow rapidly.
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    Thanks.  I am hoping Ashe

    Thanks.  I am hoping Ashe will agree with another opinion.