Ductal prostate cancer

NCCajun Member Posts: 1

My husband has been diagnosed with ductal prostate cancer, it's occurs in about 1-2% of all prostate cancers. Information on this type is very limited, and was hoping that someone also experiece with this type. I've read and read on this, but because it is not common, it's hard to find someone who has had this type.

He is an active 70 yr old and in good health, otherwise....Gleason is 9(4+5). The tumors have spread to the bladder, urethra, right ureter, and possilbe lymph nodes. And the MRI shows that it's extremely close to rectum. Right now he is taking chemo plus hormones in hopes to shrink the tumors so we can proceed with surgery to remove prostate, bladder, lymph nodes, and hope to get negative margins in the urthera and ureter. He has one more treamtment(his 3rd one) before we head back to the doctors for another MRI. The chemo as expected has him very fatigued. However, the pain has not diminished. If anything, it seems to have become worse. And this is very disconcerting to me because the oncologist said that if chemo worked, he would feel it first by dimished pain and easier urination. Neither is the case.

Thank you for your time.