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Gene Therapy - Very Interesting!

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Hi all,

Don’t post much but I do check in once and awhile to see how everyone is doing. Long story short, I was diagnosed with stage 2 rectal cancer in January 2011. Had surgery followed by chemo + radiation and then more chemo. (I know chemo for someone who is stage 2 is controversial but felt it was the best choice for me.) I’ve since been NED and doing well.  I pop in today to share a link with you all on how gene therapy is being used to treat patients with acute leukemia.  They believe this therapy can one day be used to treat colon cancer.  I find this type of research so very very exciting and wanted to share.  My thoughts are forever with you all.




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Saw this story on the evening news. Sounds hopeful. Colon cancer was specifically mentioned as being a type of cancer that could possibly benefit from this type of therapy.

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Congrats on doing so well.  Now remember to keep up with any future appointments, scans, etc.  I know it may be tempting to put them off but please, don't do it. 

I also saw the story on this therapy.  Finally, research is going in a different direction.  It is very early in the research but the researchers were blown away with the success.

Best wishes - Tina

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Thanks so much for your concern. I understand how important it is to keep up with doc appointments. I take nothing for granted. I still do blood work every 3 months and visit with the onc. every 6 months.  My thoughts are with you as I know of Georges passing. God Bless.


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Thsi is very promising!  Nice to hear about this.  Hope they research the risks carefully and get this rolling out to patients soon!

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