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PSA rising. Worried. what to do?

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After only two months my PSA appears to have risen from 0.82 to 2.1.  It is just over a year since I finished IMRT. But I did use a different lab and my blood test did show some infection .

Prior to IMRT I had TURP due to very enlarged prostate and high PSA. Gleason 3+4 70% involvement. One  3 month Hormone shot 14 months ago nearly killed me with terrible side effects. No way I will have any more,  I am 82 and just wonder how long before my Pca starts to cause problems. When will it start to metasise ?

I am prepared to take 50mg Casodex since it has few side effects. My urologist says to wait until my PSA reaches 4 which at the rate of my last increase could be very soon.

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