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Still Cancer Free

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Kenny had a CT scan last month and they saw something in his right cheek. He was sent for  a PET the beginning of this month and they said they saw nothing in the PET, so we had a fine needle asperation done yesterday. NO SIGN OF CANCER. Such a relief, I was really worried and he didn't say, but I know he was also. Now we just have to keep an eye on this ground glass nodule in his lung. They just have to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't change in size. We are having another CT in 3mo. He was diagnosed 1 yr. ago in May and it has been a long road. But we will keep on truckin'. Keepin' the Faith! Having this forum and people with alot of the same problems really helps. Let's us know, "We are not alone"! 

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It's our favorite word around here!!  Not being alone in this disease is such a relief....and this is the best forum on the internet. 


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D Lewis
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Keep believing!



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Sounds like you are on the healing train with NED as the conductor.



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There are many of us that share the anxiety issues...., many survivors and an awesome amount of Uncle NED's hanging around this week.... He's been busy..

Best ~ John



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