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My Gram was just diagnosed. Is there a site that can help tell us what she will be experience through chemo nd radition treatment.  Would like to know what to expect so we can be ready as possible to help her or comfort her.  


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    Welcome to the site.  I am

    Welcome to the site.  I am sorry to hear that your Gram has cancer.  We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome.


    People would need to know:   What type of Cancer?   Location of Cancer?  Stage of Cancer? Type of Chemo treatment?


    I have been through 2 different Chemos.  Both had their difficulties and different symptoms to treat.  There are many more chemo types/treatments then you could imagine.  We would be glad to help or give advice, knowing what was going on. 


    It is a good idea to know what to expect.  It made Chemo easier for me anticipating and prepared somewhat for the issues ahead.   Things most need,  Soft Toilet Paper, baby wipes, Bananas, ensure (High callorie drink), lots of hugs.

    Best Always,  mike

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    I would like to add my welcome......

    you have found a site that will be supportive and caring. We also have a lot of knowledge to share and information as to what we have individually experienced. As Mike commented, more info is needed to know what your gram"s situation is. Glad you found this site and hope we can help you deal with this. Sending positive thoughts your way....-~ Ann

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    You are here...

    at the right place to get information, help and support. 

    Ask whatever questions that come to your mind, there are many here so you can guess someone will be in the same state as your Gram. 

    I also suggest that you get a couple of notebooks. One to jot down every question or concern you, your Gram and whoever is going to be her main caregiver, has. Nothing is off limits. Don't be shy about anything. Bowel movements, gas, all those kinds of things we tend not to talk about, become of utmost imortance in your Grams treatments. 

    Every time I visit the Oncologist I have a list from the top of my head to my toes. Nothing is off limits. 

    The other notebook, well, I personally like to have a record for myself. Every day I take my vitals (Blood pressure, temperature, weight), put it in the notebook. I record whenever I takes meds, have a BM (what it looks like, how easy it was to pass, like I said, nothing is off limits); then as the weeks have gone by, I can look back and see a pattern forming, and I can better prepare for what is going to happen. 

    Anyway, thats my two pennies worth of advice. 

    I am glad you have found this site, as you'll find a wealth of information from everyone here. 

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    I am sorry you and your Gram are facing these challenges

    As was already mentioned, it is helpful if we can understand what type and what stage of cancer that she has.  There are many, many wonderful and supportive people who have had cancer in the past and are in remission, have cancer and are currently in treatment, or some who have ceased chemotherapy as it has become ineffective and have chosen to seek comfort care.  So you see? You have come to the right place to ask questions.  Just give us a bit more information so we can best help you.

    Also, your Gram's oncologist should be willing to answer any questions that you have.  Can you attend an appointment with her with a list of your questions and also some of her concerns?  Sometimes my husband and I would take a small digital audio recorder to the oncology appointments.  Most doctors would have no problem with this as they understand it is difficult to absorb all the information discussed when you are feeling stressed.

    Best wishes to you both. -- Cynthia

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    More info

    Sorry to be vague with my question.  I am still learning things about this.  I just found out today.  She was told on Monday and had her apt on Friday to go over findings.  My mom went to this.  She will have a CT on Monday to see if it has progresseisn't to other areas. meeting with the onaxologist on Wed to report the findings.  The dr. on Friday already scheduled to begin chemo/ radiation the Friday following.  Storm the little I have found I am guessing she is in stage 2 at least.  dr advised that surgery is not aI option because it tends to Aggravate the cancer and spread it faster.  While he was explaining things to my mom and Gram it came across that the mass was about 1 inch mass.  

    She has colon ccancer stage unknown

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    Everyone seems to respond to

    Everyone seems to respond to chemo in slightly different ways. But if you are interested, I documented in detail my experience. It may give you an idea of some of the issues and problems you may encounter.