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CAM: Acupuncture

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How many have used acupuncture in the past, are presently using acupuncture, or are considering adding acupuncture as a complementary tratment to increase their well-being?  

Best -- Cynthia

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It was amazing for me!   Before western medicine deterrmined I had a reoccurence, my accutpuncturist told me I most likely had colon cancer. Accupuncture relaxed me and let me sleep better. It was not that expensive and worth every penny!


Best Always,  mike

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Accupuncture really helped me with all side effects and increased my hunger if I asked her to work on that..amazing stuff..5000 yrs,,woulda stopped a few thousand years ago if it didnt work..lol  sean

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Hi, Rick did this for a while to help him sleep better.  He always said that he felt better afterwards, so no harm.

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My daughter has accupuncture at the cancer center where she is a patient each time she goes for treatment. She says it has helped tremendously. They have worked on several "issues" for her but mainly it's been for neuropathy in her feet. She says she just feels a sense of well being after having it. And all the problems she had initially when we first went there are resolved.


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Had acupuncture for over 2 months now. Its relaxing while having it, but other than that I have not noticed any benefits yet. The qigong master I go to is another matter. I feel 100% better after each session and my ever present nausea goes away for most of the day afterwards.

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